by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1749
printed for William Johnston, at the Golden-Ball in St. Paul's-Church-Yard

by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1758
printed for William Johnston; and P. Davey and B. Law

by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1767
printed by Sands, Murray, and Cochran, for James Meuros, bookseller in Kilmarnock

by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1769
printed for W. Johnston, in Ludgate Street ; W. Strahan; J. Hinton; R. [B]aldwin; L. Hawes W. Clarke. and R. Collins; S. Crowder; T. Caslon; T. Longman; B. Law; T. Lowndes; J and T. Pote; Z. Stuart; W. Nicoll; G. Rodinson and J. Roberts; T. Cadell, and S. Bladon

by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1772
printed for C. Bathurst; W. Strahan; J. and F. Rivington; W. Johnston; J. Hinton; L. Hawes, W. Clarke, and R. Collins; T. Davies; S. Crowder; T. Longman; T. Caslon; B. Law; T. Lowndes; J. and T. Pote; L. Stuart; W. Nicoll; G. Robinson; T. Cadell; and R. Baldwin

by Salmon, Thomas
Published 1778
printed and sold by W. Darling; - J. Milliken, Whitehaven; and most other booksellers in Great Britain

by R. B
Published 1704
printed for Nath. Crouch, at the Bell over-against Grocers-Alley, in the Poultry, near Cheapside

by Defoe, Daniel
Published 1765
printed for C. Hitch; R. Ware; and S. Crowder

by Campbell, Donald
Published 1795
printed for Cullen and Company, No. 54, Pall-Mall

by Defoe, Daniel
Published 1726
printed for W. Mears, at the Lamb without Temple-Bar, and T. Woodward, at the Half Moon over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street

by Defoe, Daniel
Published 1735
printed for J. Brotherton and W. Meadows in Cornhill, S. Birt in Avemary-Lane, C. Hitch and L. Hawes in Pater-Noster-Row, J. Hodges on London-Bridge , and J. Osborn in Pater-Noster-Row

by Anson, George Anson
Published 1748
printed for John and Paul Knapton, in Ludgate-Street

Published 1718
printed by John Baskett, and by the assigns of Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceas'd

by Turner, Richard
Published 1792
printed for S. Crowder