Published 1787
Printed for W. Gilbert, No. 26 Great Georges-street and R. Jackson, No. 20 Meath street

Published 1744
printed by and for George Faulkner, in Essex-Street

Published 1736
printed for J. Batley; E. Symon; T. Osborne; and J. Crokatt

by Payne, John
Published 1794
Printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church Yard; Scatcherd and Whitaker, Ave-Maria Lane; and Berry, Rogers, and Berry, Hanover Square, New York

Published 1743
printed by James Carson

by Anquetil, Louis-Pierre
Published 1800
printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row, by T. Davison, Lombard-Street, White-Friars

by Millot, Claude François Xavier
Published 1779
printed for Messrs. Price, Potts, R. Cross, Jenkin, Walker, Flinn, Exshaw, E. Cross, & White

by Adams, John
Published 1796
Printed for G. Kearsley, at Johnson's Head, No. 46, Fleet Street

Published 1782
Printed for George Hicks and Co. and sold at No. 11, St. James's Street, corner of the Thatched House Tavern. No. 30, Fleet Street; and No. 67. High Holborn. No. 6, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, corner of Suffolk Street; and No. 5, Bridges Street, opposite Drury Lane Theatre

by Trusler, John
Published 1792
printed at the Literary Press, for the author, and sold by him at No.62, Wardour Street, Soho ; where may be had, Price 1s. 6d. the pocket Edition

by Thomson, George
Published 1792
printed for B. Law and Son, and F. Jollie, Carlisle

by Adams, John
Published 1795
printed for G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet - Street

by Kames, Henry Home
Published 1774
printed for James Williams, No. 5, Skinner-Row

Published 1715
printed and sold by R. Gosling in Fleet-Street, C. King in Westminster-Hall, T. Horn at the Royal-Exchange. A. Batesworth in Paternoster-Row. J. Holland in St. Pauls Church-Yard, T. Norris on London Bridg. B. Picard in the Minories. And R. Burleigh in Amen Corner

by Young, Canute
Published 1739
printed for the author, and sold by Mr. Hodges, on London-Bridge. Mr. Meadows, in Cornhill. P. Morony, in Hoxton-Square. Mr. Clark, at the Royal-Exchange. Mr. Jefferies, near Stationers-Hall. Mr. Jackson, in St. James's Street. Mr. Millan, opposite the Admiral-Office Charing-Cross Mr. Lewis, in Russel Street. Covent-Garden. Mr. Meighan, over against Red-Lion-Court in Drury Lane

by Chevreau, Urbain
Published 1703
printed for D. Brown, at the Black Swan, without Temple-Bar; T. Benskin, against Lincoln's-Inn Back-Gate; J. Walthoe, in the Middle-Temple Cloysters; J. Hartley, next the King's-Head Tavern, in Holbourn; F. Coggan, in the Inner-Temple Lane

by Selin, Helaine
Published 2003
Springer Netherlands

Published 2004
Springer Netherlands