by Helvétius
Published 1774

by Member of his church, Of the Reverend Doctor Thomas Gibbons
Published 1785
Printed and sold by Edmund Fawcett, (successor to the late Mr. J.W. Pasham,) at the Bible, shoemaker-row, black-friars: sold also by J. Buckland, Pater-noster Row

by Clergyman of the Church of England
Published 1799
Printed by William Blanchard; and sold by W. Tesseyman, in the Minster-Yard

by Richardson, Samuel
Published 1756
printed and sold by William Sleater, at Pope's-Head, on Cork-Hill

by Berkeley, George
Published 1712
Printed by Francis Dickson, for Jeremy Pepyat, bookseller in Skinner-Row

by Foote, Samuel
Published 1794
Printed by J. Jarvis, for J. Parsons, No 21, Paternoster-Row

by Bate, James
Published 1738
printed for R. Willock, at Sir Isaac Newton's Head in Cornhill

by Bennett, John
Published 1789
printed by W. Eyres, for the author, and sold by G.G.J. and J. Robinsons, Pater-Noster Row; Messrs. Rivingtons, and J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-Yard; T. Cadell, in the Strand; J. Murray, Fleet-Street, London; and I. Clarke, Manchester

by Zimmermann, Johann Georg
Published 1799
printed by Thomas Maiden, for Vernor and Hood, J. Cuthell, J. Walker, Lackington, Allen, and Co. J. Nunn, Ogilvy & Son, Darton & Harvey, W. Otridge and Son, R. Lea, and J. Scatcherd

Published 1745
printed, for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-Noster Row

by Herbert, William
Published 1795
excudit G. Stafford

by Breval, John
Published 1717
printed for E. Curll, in Fleetstreet

by Gregory, John
Published 1774
printed for W. Strahan; T. Cadell, in the Strand; and J. Balfour, and W. Creech, at Edinburgh

by Mackenzie, Henry
Published 1777
printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, in the Strand