Published 1995
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Table of Contents: '; ... Perspektive des Resource-Dependence-Ansatzes -- 3. Zwischenresümee -- III Fallstudien zum Management von...

by Voigt-Weber, Lore
Published 1993
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Table of Contents: '; ... Dependence Ansatz” als Erklärungsmodelle -- 3.3. Organisationseigenschaften dominanter Organisationsformen...

Published 1997
Springer US
Table of Contents: '; ...A Resource Dependence Perspective -- 39. Theoretical Foundations of Dual Information Systems -- 40...

Published 1989
Springer US
... con­ cerned. The success of our organizing activities depends on whether the others do attach to our...

by Mühlfeld, Katrin Susanne
Published 2004
Deutscher Universitätsverlag
... reference is made to Austrian economics and research on power-dependence relations...

by DiPrete, Thomas A.
Published 1989
Springer US
... of its career system, and still more of them through its system of job descriptions. The same dependence...

by Kaas, Rob, Goovaerts, Marc, Dhaene, Jan, Denuit, Michel
Published 2002
Springer US
... dependencies and the use of generalized linear models. Basic ideas on risk measures in the framework...

by Bauer, F., Garabedian, P., Korn, D.
Published 1972
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... mathematical methods for the design of supercritical wings. These methods depend on the numerical solution...

by Baets, Walter R.J.
Published 1998
Springer US
... for real applications, the more I realized how very dependent these systems are on decision design. I began...

Published 1993
Springer Netherlands
... that had remained dependent on those industries. But it was not just the old industries that X INTRODUCTION...

by Newell, G. F.
Published 1973
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... arrival rate of customers may be time-dependent; particular attention is given to time - pendence typical...