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by Gibson, William
Published 1725
Printed for T. Longman, at the Ship and Black-Swan in Pater-noster-row

Published 1732
printed for J. Hazard at the Bible against Stationers-Hall ; R. Montagu in Queen-Street near Drury-Lane ; W. Bickerton at Lord Bacon's Head, and, and R. Chandler at the Flower-de-Lace, without Temple-Bar ; and C?sar Ward at the Ship between the Temple-Gates in Fleetstreet

by Gibson, William
Published 1727
Printed by and for George Grierson, at the Two Bibles in Essex-Street

by Gibson, William
Published 1727
printed for J. Osborn, and T. Longman, at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row

by Gibson, William
Published 1731
printed for J. Osborn, and T. Longman, at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row

by Gibson, William
Published 1754
printed for T. and T. Longman, at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row

Published 1734
printed for R. Montagu, at the Corner of Great Queen-Street, near Drury-Lane; J. Brindley, at the King's Arms, New-Bond-Street; and C. Corbett, at Addison's Head, without Temple-Bar

A treatise on domestic pigeons comprehending all the different species known in England; describing the Perfections and Imperfections of each, agreeable to the Improvement and great Perfection they are at this Time arrived at; together with the Method of Building and Furnishing a Lost, Area, Trap, &c. The Method of Breeding the most curious and valuable Sorts, as practised by the best Fanciers. The Generation of Pigeons in general, with a Philosophical Description and Progress of the Egg. With Observations and Remarks on their Diet. The Distempers they are chiefly subject to, and the Method of Curing them as practised with Success. The fraudulent Methods used in the Sale of bad Pigeons, clearly and fully demonstrated, &c. &c. &c. Carefully compiled from the best authors. To which is added, a most ample description of that celebrated and beautiful Pigeon called the almond tumbler. The whole calculated, as well for the Use of those Gentlemen who are Fanciers, as those who are utterly unacquainted with their Perfections and Properties, which are here set forth in the clearest Manner. Illustrated with a frontispiece, and cuts elegantly and accurately engraved from Life by the most able and eminent Artists, under the immediate Inspection of very...
by Moore, John
Published 1765
printed for and sold by C. Barry, in Ingram Court, Fenchurch-Street. Sold likewise by P. Stevens, near Stationers Hall, Ludgate-Street; A. Webley, Holborn; and J. Walters, Charing-Cross

by Quincy, Edmund
Published 1765
Printed by Green & Russell, by order of the Honorable House of Representatives

Published 1988
Springer New York
Table of Contents: '; ... of Abies concolor: Is It Part of Host Resistance to the Fir Engraver, Scolytus ventralis? -- 21...

by Armando Redentor
Published 2017
Coimbra University Press
.... The material that is evidence of this practice, the engraved surfaces with writings on a variety of topics...

by Washington, George
Published 1800
The letter-press printed by W. Bulmer, the letters engraved by S.J. Neele