Published 1991
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... conference proceedings, and later through journal papers, the research community became excited about both...

Published 1980
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
.... The number of special journal issues, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. related to the field of IC...

83 ... available only in disparate journals and conference proceedings.          ...

Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
... of them are editors of respected international scientific journals. Although recently developed biosensors...

by Jovic, Branislav
Published 2011
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... and multi-user chaotic communication systems published and highly cited in world’s leading journals...

by Hilliard, John C.
Published 1984
Springer US

by Stüber, Gordon L.
Published 1996
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... in the journals. Some material in the book has never appeared before in the literature. The book provides an up...

by Cavers, James
Published 2002
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... you to websites of cited authors, to online research journals, and to employers and graduate schools...

by Bushnell, M., Agrawal, Vishwani
Published 2002
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... conferences and numerous workshops, have a journal, and there are over one hundred books on testing. Still, a...

by Ge, S.S., Hang, C.C., Lee, T.H., Tao Zhang
Published 2002
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... control, neural control and fuzzy systems, have been published in various books, journals and conference...

by Georgilakis, Pavlos Stylianos
Published 2009
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... in the transformer industry for ten years before joining the TUC. He is the author of two books, more than 50 journal...

by Elliott, David
Published 2019
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... and Environment’ series, and also editor of the long established journal, Renew...

by Edwards , Sherrill
Published 2014
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... support to the book are based on recent research published in indexed journals. The structure and content...

Published 1994
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... worthiness. These papers have been revised and will be published by Kluwer in a special issue of the Journal...

Published 1987
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... publications, for example by Roorda, Yao, Yang, Abdel-Rohman, Leipholz etc. , mostly in journals of ASCE...

by Reichl, Linda
Published 2004
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.... She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and currently is U.S. Editor of the journal Chaos...

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Published 1999
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... the internet and in the journals of the discipline. After a little more maturity has been acquired by the new...

by Boer, Karl W.
Published 1986
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...-in-chief for the Solar Energy Journal, his continued assistance as a member of the Board of Editors...

Published 2007
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... so rapidly that its principal results are seen only in specialized journals and conferences...

by Toulouevski, Yuri N., Zinurov, Ilyaz Y.
Published 2010
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... of mechanisms of Arc Furnace processes are presented by numerous journal articles and conference proceedings...