by Lößlein, Horst
Published 2019
Modern Academic Publishing
... of the relations between the ruler and the circle of nobles around him. A ruler’s power therefore depended on his...

by Mather, Kenneth, Jinks, John L.
Published 1982
Springer US
.... It depends for its success on the ability to assign the individuals to classes whose clear phenotypic...

by Ewens, W.J.
Published 1968
Springer Netherlands
..., depending as it must on a large number of simplifying assump­ tions, should be accepted unreservedly...

Published 1984
Springer US
...: What research methodology should be employed? What sort of dependable facts are available as a firm...

by Roff, Derek A.
Published 1997
Springer US
... depends. The present book is, thus, a natural extension of the first. I have approached the problem...

by Wilkens, Horst, Strecker, Ulrike
Published 2017
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... darkness, where, for example in Astyanax, all traits depending on the exposure to light, like eyes...

by Favareau, Donald
Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
... and development of sign-dependent life processes, contemporary biosemiotic theory offers important new conceptual...

by Antonelli, P.L., Zastawniak, T.J.
Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
... be allowed to depend on the position itself, according to the invariant form of the diffusion introduced...

Published 1980
Springer US