Published 2013
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Published 2017
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Table of Contents: '; ...Types and settings of hypogene karst -- Hypogenic caves In The United Kingdom -- Hypogene imprints...

by Claudino-Sales, Vanda
Published 2019
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Table of Contents: '; ... Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland -- 78. Giants Causeway and Causeway Coast, United Kingdom...

by Bird, Eric, Lewis, Nick
Published 2015
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..., particularly during the past few decades. Most projects have been in the United States, the United Kingdom...

by Joffe, Helene
Published 2013
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..., Japan, Turkey, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The book therefore not only brings...

Published 2018
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..., Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. The content of the book focuses...

by Dent, David
Published 2014
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..., Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and, of course, Moldova itself. The experimental data demonstrate...