by Edwards, Samuel
Published 1765
Printed by S. Powell and Son, for the author, and sold by J. Watson, at the Old Bridge; P. Wilson, A. Ewing, S. Watson, in Dame-street; J. Jackson, in Meath-street; W. Watson, in Caple-street; W. Williamson, in Bride-street; and J. Fisher, in Ship-street; booksellers

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1748
for Richard Ware, at the Bible and Sun on Ludgate-Hill

by Fox, Francis
Published 1785
Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington, booksellers to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, at the Bible and Crown, No. 62, in St. Paul's Church-yard

by Turner, Daniel
Published 1741
Printed by S. Powell, for George Risk, at Shakespear's-Head in Dame's-Street

by Young, Edward
Published 1719
Printed for J. Tonson, at Shakespear's-Head over-against Katharine-street in the Strand

Published 1791
Printed for J. & T. Holl; and sold by all the booksellers

by Elphinston, James
Published 1795
Sold (Price 1 Shilling and 6 Pence) by W. Ritchardson, Royal Exchainge; T. Boosey, N. 4, Braud-Street, Dhare; F. and C. Rivvington, N. 62, St. Pauls Churchyard; J. Deighton, N. 325, Holborn; W. Clark, N. 38, Bond-Street

by Perry, William
Published 1795
Printed for James Gillies bookseller, above the Cross

by Kraak, Ivar
Published 1777
tryckt hos Johan Laur. Horrn, på desz bekostnad, år

by John Bullokar
Published 1726
Printed by Pressick rider, and Thomas Harbin, and sold by the booksellers

by Dwyer, Charles
Published 1772
Printed by P. Bagnell and Comp. for the author

by Dilworth, Thomas
Published 1776
Printed formerly by Henry Kent, in Finch-Lane, and now (by virtue of a decision in the House of Peers) printed for W. Cavell ne[a]r Grey's-Inn, Holbourn

by Jones, Stephen
Published 1797
Printed for vernor and hood; J. Cuthell; Ocilvy and Son; and Lackington, Allen, and Co

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1756
Printed by the executor of George Abraham Grierson, printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, and Jane Grierson, at the King's Arms and Two Bibles in Essex Street

by Wheeldon, John
Published 1766
printed for the author, and sold by Fletcher and Hodson; sold also by H. Briggs, at St. Ives; and Messr[s] Wilson and Fell, Paternoster Row, London