by Newbery, John
Published 1764
printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun, in St. Paul's Church-Yard

Published 1785
printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson

by Boyer, Abel
Published 1786
printed for Messrs. Bathurst, Pote, Rivingtons, Owen, Buckland, Longman, Law, Pritchard, Robson, Dilly, Johnson, Elmsley, Ginger, Robinson, Cadel, Nicol, Baldwin, Stuart, Domville, Sewel, Goldsmith, Bew, Murray, Hayes, Lowndes, Scatcherd and Whitakep, Egertons, and W. Bent

by Boyer, Abel
Published 1738
printed for R. Wilkin, D. Midwinter, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, W. Mears, J. Pemberton, W. Innys and R. Manby, R. Robinson, C. Rivington, W. Mount and T. Page, J. and P. Knapton, F. Clay, J. Brotherton, T. Woodward, W. Meadows, R. Ware, B. Motte and C. Bathurst, R. Ford, A. Ward, T. Longman, E. Symon, D. Brown, T. Osborn, R. Hett, W. Bickerton, J. Wood, M. Wyat, C. Bowyer, B. Wellington, J. King, and B. Sprint's Executors

by Fenning, Daniel
Published 1771
printed for S. Crowder, at the Looking-Glass, and R. Baldwin, at the Rose, in Pater-Noster-Row, and B. Collins, in Salisbury

by Fenning, Daniel
Published 1763
printed for R. Baldwin, J. Richardson, S. Crowder, B. Collins, J. Coote, and J. Wilson and J. Fell

by Volkna, Johann
Published 1762
1762. Chez Guillaume Meyer, Libraire dans le Strand

by Devis, Ellin
Published 1791
printed for Bedwell Law

by Devis, Ellin
Published 1786
printed for Bedwell Law, in Ave-Maria-Lane

by Devis, Ellin
Published 1795
printed for B. Law, NO. 5, Stationers' Court; and C. Law, NO. 13, Ave Maria-Lane, Ludgate Street

by Baskerville, John
Published 1766
printed by John Baskerville, and sold by Messieurs Dod, Rivington, Longman, Richardson, Hawes and Co. Crowder, Robson, and Stuart, London

by Bysshe, Edward
Published 1762
printed for Mess. Hitch and Hawes, D. Brown, J. Brotherton, H. Woodfall, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, G. Keith, W. Johnston, S. Crowder and Co. T. Longman, C. Corbett, and C. and R. Ware

by Grose, Francis
Published 1796
printed for Hooper and Co. NO. 212, High Holborn, Facing Bloomsbury Square

Published 1760
printed for W. Sandby, over-against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet-Street

Published 1730
printed for Edw. Midwinter

by Boyer, Abel
Published 1773
chez C. Bathurst, P. Vaillant, J. Beecroft, J. Hinton, W. Strahan, J. and F. Rivington, J. Fuller, J. Brotherton, J. Buckland, L. Hawes and Co. R. Horsfield, W. Johnston, W. Owen, T. Caslon, S. Crowder, T. Longman, B. Law, G. Keith, E. Stevens, E. Dilly, T. Davies, C. Corbet, Z. Stuart, T. Becket, R. Baldwin, T. Lowndes, Richardson and Co. T. Cadell, J. Johnson, J. Almon, P. Elmsly, W. Domvills, J. Robson, G. Robinson, M. Hingeston, H. Gardner, E. Johnson, W. Taylor, and E. Lyde

by Costa, Juan da
Published 1752
printed for the author by R. Reily; and sold by E. Comyns, at the South Entrance of the Royal-Exchange; W. Clarke, at the North Entrance of the Royal-Exchange; P. Vaillant, in the Strand; J. Sharpe, in Little-Britain; and J. Lever, in the Poultry, near the Mansion-House

by Trusler, John
Published 1783
printed for the author; and sold by Messrs. Rivington, St. Paul's Church yard

by Stackhouse, Thomas
Published 1731
printed for J. Batley, at the Dove in Pater-Noster-Row