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by W. Rix, Robert
Published 2018
V&R unipress
Subjects: '; ...Romantic nationalism...

Published 2015
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
... has played in the formation of the two neighbouring ‘young nations’, Finland and Estonia. It gives a...

Published 2011
Amsterdam University Press
... of the language variation in this polyglot nation will help in understanding the variety of languages and those...

by Weckström, Lotta
Published 2011
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
Subjects: '; ...Regional & national history...

by Davies, Ann
Published 2012
Liverpool University Press
... contemporary Spanish film and literature, Davies explores the themes of memory and forgetting, nationalism...

Published 2019
Taylor & Francis
... such as humanism, nationalism, multiculturalism, nostalgia, and the Anthropocene in order to piece together a new...

by Chapman, Rosemary
Published 2013
Liverpool University Press
... on the nation, is in fact obsolete.This remarkable book will be compulsory reading for scholars well-versed...

by Langone, Angela Daiana
Published 2016
De Gruyter
..., this study aims at defining Molière’s role in the development of a national Arab theatre....

by Engwall, Gunnel
Published 2015
Stockholm University Press
... contributions are doctors and supervisors belonging to the National Doctoral Program in Romance Languages (Fo...

by Munro, Martin
Published 2012
Liverpool University Press
... matrix for the diverse nations and territories of the circum-Caribbean. This book takes as its premise...

Published 2015
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
... for nations and societies. Which linguistic factors play a role in the formation of these borders, especially...

by Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Encarnación
Published 2015
Liverpool University Press
... necessary for understanding the cultural and social transformations set in motion through trans/national...

by Cadman, Kate
Published 2012
University of Adelaide Press
... National University...

by Holmes, Diana
Published 2018
Liverpool University Press
... of the nation’s reading public, this perspective immediately feminises what has always been a very male canon...

by Heemskerk, Eelke M.
Published 2007
Amsterdam University Press
...From its inception, big business in the western industrialised world has been organised in national...

by Siikala, Anna-Leena
Published 2011
Finnish Literature Society / SKS
..., and nations, and interpret them from a perspective of area, state, and cultural policies. A closer look...

by Cloonan, William
Published 2018
Liverpool University Press
... the evolution/devolution of the relations between the two nations at a particular point in time. While the heart...

by Boaglio, Gualtiero
Published 2012
... of the nation"....

by Beckmann, Elizabeth
Published 2016
ANU Press
... National University (ANU). Using extensive data collected through student surveys, coupled with data mining...

by Klamer, Marian
Published 2014
Language Science Press
... as well as the national lan-uage, Indonesian.his volume studies the internal and external linguistic...