by More, Hannah
Published 1796
Sold by J. Marshall, (printer to the Cheap Repository for Moral and Religious Tracts) No. 17, Queen-Street, Cheapside, and No. 4, Aldermary Church Yard; and R. White, Piccadilly, London. By S. Hazard, printer to the Cheap Repository, at Bath, and by all booksellers, Newsmen, and Hawkers in town and country

by Woodward, Josiah
Published 1707
Printed and sold by Joseph Downing in Bartholomew-Close, near West-Smithfield

by More, Hannah
Published 1795
Sold by William Watson and Son, No. 7, Capel-Street, printers to the Cheap Repository for Religious and Moral Tracts, and by B. Dugdale, 6, Dame-Street; and by the booksellers, chapmen and hawkers, in town and country

Published 1800
Printed and sold by J. Morren, Cowgate

Published 1770
Printed in Aldermary Church-yard, London

Published 1770
Printed and sold in Bow Church-Yard, London

by Gueullette, Thomas-Simon
Published 1759
et se vendent à Paris, Quai des Augustins, chez Nyon, à l'occasion, La Veuve Damonneville, à S. Etienne, Guillyn, au Lys d'or, Robustel, au-dessus de la rue Paveée, Babuty, fils, à l'Etoile

Published 1749
Printed for D. Henry, in Wine-Office-Court, Fleet-Street, and sold by J. Griffiths, at the Dunciad, in St. Paul's Church-Yard

by Marmontel, Jean-François
Published 1790
Printed by R. Serjent

by Ancourt
Published 1745
Printed by J. Kinneir, at the Green Man on the Lwoer Blind Key, and A. Long, at the Bible and Dove in College-Green

by Barker, Robert
Published 1766
London, printed: and Dublin reprinted for Robert Barker, for his own benefit, in the year

Published 1712
Printed by James Watson, and sold at his Shop, next door to the Red-Lyon, opposite to the Lucken-Booths

Published 1790
Printed for B. Talbot, in Rosemary-Lane, and sold by all booksellers in town and country

by Dawes, Richard
Published 1767
Printed for W. Nicoll, in St. Paul's Church-Yard

by Ramsay, Allan
Published 1776
Printed and sold by Daniel Reid, at his Printing-Office, in High-street;-where travelling chapmen may be served with many sorts of books and pamphlets very cheap; also writing paper

Published 1781
printed for George Caldwell, bookseller in Paisley