by Uitermark, Justus
Published 2012
Amsterdam University Press
... discourse analysis to understand dynamic power relations in national as well as local politics....

by `t Hart, Paul
Published 2009
ANU Press
... of citizens. It continues to pose major challenges to national policymakers and institutions around the world...

Published 2018
ANU Press
... in late 2015 hosted by the National Taiwan University in Taipei. The theme, ‘Value for Money’, focused...

Published 2019
Taylor & Francis
... in a manner that transcends national boundaries. This study also investigates the possible...

Published 2017
ANU Press
... to the Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet) at The Australian National University, include John Braithwaite...

by MacDermott, Kathy
Published 2008
ANU Press
... political and administrative history. MacDermott offers cautionary observations that the new national...

by Sanders, Will
Published 2016
ANU Press
... of The Australian National University’s Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy research from 1990 to 2010. The year...

by Lindquist, A.
Published 2011
ANU Press
... overseas as well as from Australia and New Zealand – including national political leaders, public service...