by Martin, John
Published 1793
printed for J. Martin, Bookseller, No. 432, Oxford-Street
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Person and offices / Sermons...

by Fry, John
Published 1761
re-printed by Samuel Clark, in Bread-Street, Cheapside
Subjects: '; ...Wesley, John / 1703-1791 / A letter to a person...

by Fry, John
Published 1748
printed by S. Farley in the Old Market
Subjects: '; ...Wesley, John / 1703-1791 / A letter to a person...

by Spalding, John
Published 1799
Printed by Benjamin & Jacob Johnson, no. 147, High Street
Subjects: '; ...Quakers / Great Britain / Personal narratives...

by Muir, George
Published 1769
printed by Weir and M'lean. And sold at the shop of A. Weir, near the Cross
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Person and offices / Early works to 1800...

by Priestley, Joseph
Published 1787
printed for the author by Pearson and Rollason, and sold by J. Johnson, No. 72, St. Paul's Church-Yard, London
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Person and offices...

by Sabourn, Reay
Published 1738
printed for W. Thorne in Great Carter Lane, near Doctors Commons
Subjects: '; ... Lordship's nomination of five persons ... to serve the office of sheriffs...

by Baillie, John
Published 1789
printed by Hall and Elliot
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Person and offices / Sermons...

by Whitefield, George
Published 1740
printed for C. Whitefield, in the year
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Person and offices / Sermons / 18th century...

by Briant, Lemuel
Published 1750
Printed by J. Green, for D. Gookin, in Marlborough-Street, opposite to Dr. Sewall's meeting-house
Subjects: '; ...Porter, John / 1716-1802 / Absurdity and blasphemy of substituting the personal righteousness...

by Helton, John
Published 1778
printed by J. Fry and Co. Queen-Street, Upper-Moorfield: and sold by T. Evans, and A. Hogg, Pater-Noster-Row; and T. Mills, in Wine-Street, Bristol
Subjects: '; ...Wesley, John / 1703-1791 / Letter to a person lately join'd with the people call'd Quakers...