by Roels, J.A
Published 2012
IOS Press
... that it depended on the processing and communication of information. This book develops a consistent theory...

by Bell, Sarah
Published 2013
Ubiquity Press
... of the city’s future reveals a complex picture of interrelations and dependencies. The London 2062 Programme...

Published 2006
Taylor & Francis
... both for the tourism industry, and for the communities dependent upon it. Integrating knowledge from...

Published 2006
Taylor & Francis
...) dependencies, contributors also demonstrate the need to engage with multiple audiences, and within this context...

Published 2014
punctum books
... of everyday objects, the seep and flow of substance, the resistant nature of matter, the dependence...

by Fradenburg, L.O. Aranye
Published 2013
punctum books
..., technological or artistic, depends on the enhancement of the skills proper to staying alive...

by Fradenburg, L.O. Aranye
Published 2015
punctum books
... and relationality depend on one another because all relationships are unending processes of interpretation...

by Boyden, Stephen
Published 2016
ANU Press
..., depend. It describes the conditions of life and ecology of humans in the four ecological phases in human...

Published 2017
Taylor & Francis
... necessarily depending on surveillance? Are there alternative ways to frame security? Is it possible to gain...