by Rip, Arie
Published 2002
Amsterdam University Press
... and understanding of what is involved, and this depends, among other things, on the adopted nomenclature...

by Pahl, Katrin
Published 2012
Northwestern University Press
.... If it is usually assumed that the sincerity of emotions and the force of affects depend on their immediacy, Pahl...

by McBride, Mark
Published 2017
Open Book Publishers
... immediately, i.e., knowledge (justification) that doesn’t depend on justification for any other proposition...

Published 2014
punctum books
... of everyday objects, the seep and flow of substance, the resistant nature of matter, the dependence...

Published 2018
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
... of the following questions: What is the philosophical contribution to current affairs and decisions that depend...

by Fradenburg, L.O. Aranye
Published 2013
punctum books
..., technological or artistic, depends on the enhancement of the skills proper to staying alive...

by Roels, J.A
Published 2012
IOS Press
... that it depended on the processing and communication of information. This book develops a consistent theory...

by Rabinoff, Eve
Published 2018
Northwestern University Press
... part characterized by thinking, knowledge, and argument. Depending on how the relationship between...

by Lay, Jann
Published 2018
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers
... models. The country applications illustrate that distributional consequences depend very much...

by Brons, Lajos
Published 2017
punctum books
...Any social and political arrangement depends on acceptance. If a substantial part of a people does...

by Ertel, Suitbert
Published 2011
Universitätsverlag Göttingen