by Ovid
Published 1709
typis Tho. Hodgkin, impensis Societatis Stationariorum

by Ovid
Published 1736
printed for J. and R. Tonson, at Shakespear's Head in the Strand

by Ovid
Published 1773
printed for T. Davies, T. Becket, T. Caslon, T. Cadel, G. Robinson, and T. Evans

by Ovid
Published 1708
impensis J. Nicholson, J. Sprint, T. Childe, D. Midwinter, M. Atkins, & J. Hartley

by Ovid
Published 1701
printed for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate next Grays-Inn Lane

by Ovid
Published 1725
printed for J. Tonson, at Shakespear's Head in the Strand

by Ovid
Published 1760
printed for W. Clarke, son to the author; and sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes, in Pater-Noster-Row

by Ovid
Published 1794
impensis F. & C. Rivington, T. Longman, B. Law & Son, W. & W. Ginger, T. Pote, C. Dilly, R. Baldwin, H. Gardner, G. G. & J. Robinson, J. Sewell, T. Vernor, W. Goldsmith, Scatcherd & Whitaker, J. Johnson, W. Richardson, G. & T. Wilkie, W. Bent, H. Baldwin, S. Hayes, E. Piguenit, & Ogilvy & Co

by Ovid
Published 1727
printed by S. Powell, for G. Risk, G. Ewing, and W. Smith, in Dame's-Street

by Ovid
Published 1778
excudit Jos. Pote

by Ovid
Published 1740
printed for T. Cox, at the Lamb, under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill; and J. Wood and C. Woodward, at the Dove, in Pater-Noster-Row

by Ovid
Published 1761
printed for J. and R. Tonson in the Strand

by Ovid
Published 1712
impensis Bernardi Lintott in Vico Fleetstreet prope Templum

by Ovid
Published 1765
typis Gul. Strahan: impensis E. Ballard, H. Woodfall, C. Bathurst, W. Strahan, B. Dod, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, L. Hawes, W. Clarke & R. Collins, W. Johnston, T. Longman, T. Caslon, S. Crowder, B. Law, T. Field, G. Keith, W. Ginger, C. & R. Ware, M. Richardson, & J. & T. Pote

by Ovid
Published 1720
printed for J. Tonson: and sold by J. Brotherton and W. Meadows, at the Black Bull in Cornhill

by Ovid
Published 1712
printed for Jacob Tonson, at Shakespear's Head over-against Catherine Street in the Strand

by Ovid
Published 1718
printed for E. Curll in Fleetstreet