by Sreenivasaprasad, S., Johnson, R.
Published 2001
Springer Netherlands

by Johnson, R.
Published 1759
printed for H. Payne at Dryden's Head, Pater-Noster-Row

by Johnson, R.
Published 1776
Printed for W. Whitestone, J. Sheppard, B. Corcoran, J. Potts, R. Cross, W. Watson, D. Chamberlaine, H. Burrowes, J. Hoey, F. Smith, J. Williams, W. Colles, T. Armitage, W. Wilson, T. Walker, C. Jenkin, R. Moncrieffe, W. Spotswood, E. Cross, T. Wilkinson, P. Higley, M. Mills, J. Hillary, J. Beatty, and C. Talbot

by Johnson, R.
Published 1776
[P]rinted for Edward and Charles Dilly in the Poultry, and R. Baldwin in Pater-noster Row]

by Johnson, R.
Published 1772
printed for T. Carnan, at Number 65, in St. Paul's Church-Yard