Table of Contents:
  • And Composite Plates; Introduction; Unstiffened Plates; Rectangular Plates; Addition of Water Loading; Proposed Design Procedure for Simply Supported or Clamped Rectangular Plates under Uniform Impulsive Pressure; Cross-Stiffened and Sandwich Plates; Calculation of the Characteristics of Stiffened and Sandwich Plates; Composite Plates; Plate Applications; References A Simplified Procedure for Built-up Structures; General Considerations; Potential Energy and Stiffness Coefficients; Equations of Motion and Basic Matrix; Effect of Fluid; Modal Impedances; Calculation of the Green's Function; Potential Energy of Stretching and Shearing; Potential Energy of Bending and Twisting; Stiffness Coefficients; Example Calculations; References Sound Patterns from Cylindrical Shells; Introduction; Basic Equations; General Equations for Shell Vibrating in Fluid and Containing Fluid; Frequencies
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Beams; Computer Programs; References Unstiffened, Stiffened, Sandwich
  • Problem; Simplification of Equations for Plane Waves; Methods for Computing Far Field from Near Field Acceleration; Application to Prediction of Radiation; Inverse Method Calculation: Development of the Field in; Terms of Point Sources; Point Force Calculations; References Scale Models of Random Loading and Response; Approximate Formulation of the Modeling Laws; Damping; More General Formulation of Modeling Laws; Some General Considerations in Modeling; References Index
  • DETERMINISTIC PHENOMENA General Overview of the Book; Introduction; Background; Overview of Random Structural Acoustics; Overview of Methods and Applications; Comparison of Methods Used in the Recent Literature; Applications; References Fundamentals of Acoustics and Structural Acoustics; Introduction; Physical Phenomena in Linear Acoustics; Basic Assumptions and Equations in Linear Acoustics; Intensity and Energy; Free Sound Propagation; Sound Propagation with Obstacles; Free and Confined Waves; Sound Radiation and Vibration; Coupling of Structure/Medium (Interactions); References; Glossary Approximations for Added Mass and Radiation Damping; Definitions; References Fundamentals of Structures and Analysis of Beams; Fundamentals of Structures; Beams; Plates; Shells; Three-Dimensional Variable Bodies; Analysis of
  • And Coherence; References Statistical Acoustics; Physical Concept of Transfer Function; Response in Terms of Green's Functions; Statistical Differential Equations Governing the Sound Field; References Statistics of Structures; Integral Relation for the Response; Computation of the Response in Terms of Modes; Coupled Structural Acoustic Systems; References Random Radiation from Cylindrical Structures; Directivity Patterns; Multipole Expansion; Random Loading and Response; Computer Programs; References Applications of Statistical Acoustics to Near Field-Far Field Problems; The Near Field-Far Field Problem; Parrent's Solution for the Plane; Other Applications of the Parrent Equation; Solution Using a Single Integration with Known Coherence; Determination of Far Field from Near Field Autospectrum Alone and the Inverse Far Field-Near Field
  • And Mode Shapes; Effect of External or Internal Pressure on Natural Frequency; Relation to Buckling; Forced Vibration; Description of the Computer Program; Far Field Patterns for a Representative Case; References Analysis of Three-Dimensional Media with Variable Properties; Introduction; Physical Characteristics of the Mathematical Model; Differential Equations of the Complex Medium; Approximate Solution; Solution for Nonhomogeneous Systems; References RANDOM PHENOMENA Linear Systems Equations; Impulse Response; Frequency Response Function; Statistics of the Response; Important Quantities Derivable from the Cross Spectrum; The Cross Spectrum in Terms of Fourier Transforms; The Conceptual Meaning of Cross Correlation, Cross Spectrum