The agile enterprise building and running agile organizations

Discover how to implement and operate in an Agile manner at every level of your enterprise and at every point from idea to delivery. Learn how Agile-mature organizations adapt nimbly to microchanges in market conditions. Learn cutting-edge practices and concepts as you extend your implementation of...

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Main Author: Moreira, Mario E.
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245 0 0 |a The agile enterprise  |b building and running agile organizations  |c Mario E. Moreira 
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505 0 |a About the Author; About the Contributors; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: Getting Started; Innovations of This Book; What You Will Learn; Who This Book Is For; How to Navigate This Book; Pit Stops, Exercises, and References; Chapter 2: Envisioning a Customer-Value-Driven Enterprise; The Engine of Customer Value; Moving Away from Certainty; Adapting toward Value; Challenging Assumptions; Shedding Enterprise Weight; Management Closer to Customer Value; Are You Optimized for a Culture of Customer Value?; Chapter 3: Achieving Better Business Outcomes 
505 0 |a Less Obvious Agile RolesCustomers; Executives and Senior Management; Business Leaders (Including Marketing and Sales); Middle Management; Human Resources; Finance; Portfolio Management; Project Management Office (PMO); The Importance of an Agile Coach; Bounded Authority; Healthy Employee Relationships; Healthy Manager-to-Employee Relationships; Holocracy; Have You Evolved Your Roles Yet?; Chapter 9: Building a Learning Enterprise; Education Is More than Training; Agile Education Universe; Agile Education to Ready the Mind; Topics in the Agile Education Universe 
505 0 |a Embracing the Agile Values and PrinciplesManifesto for Agile Software Development; Principles behind the Agile Manifesto; Enabling Agile with Processes and Practices; Engaging Your Customers and Employees; Focusing on Outcomes; Do You Have the Recipe for Success?; Chapter 4: Building Your Agile Galaxy; Landscape of the Agile Galaxy; Holistic Process View of an Agile Galaxy; Holistic Roles of the Agile Galaxy; What Does Your Agile Galaxy Look Like?; Chapter 5: Activating an Agile Culture; Agile Mindset; Three Dimensions of an Agile Culture; Culture of Agile Values 
505 0 |a Is Customer Feedback an Integral Part of Your Customer-Value Engine?Chapter 7: Embracing Employees; Mechanics That Tune the Engine of Customer Value; The COMETS within Your Agile Galaxy; Self-Organizing Teams; Collaboration; Ownership; Motivation; Extrinsic Motivation; Intrinsic Motivators; Empowerment; Trust; Trust Relationships; Safety; Understanding Employee Engagement; What Is Your Employee Culture?; Chapter 8: Evolving Roles in Your Agile Enterprise; Optimizing Enterprise Roles for Agile; Obvious Agile Roles; Development Teams; ScrumMaster; Product Owner; Product Owner Constellation 
505 0 |a Remembering the Agile PrinciplesCultural Color of Your Organization; Where Pluralistic-Green Supports Agile; Where Evolutionary-Teal Supports Agile; Readying the Culture; Assessing the Culture You Have; Agile Cultural Assessment Survey; What Culture Do You Have?; Chapter 6: Embracing Customers; Driver of Customer Feedback; Customer Feedback Bull's-eye; Customer Universe Surrounding the Agile Galaxy; Customers in a Value-Driven Enterprise; Learning Your Way to Customer Value; Enterprise Anti-patterns of Attaining Customer Value; Customer Challenges of Understanding Value 
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520 |a Discover how to implement and operate in an Agile manner at every level of your enterprise and at every point from idea to delivery. Learn how Agile-mature organizations adapt nimbly to microchanges in market conditions. Learn cutting-edge practices and concepts as you extend your implementation of Agile through the whole enterprise to meet customer needs. Veteran Agile coach Mario Moreira argues that two critical conditions must be conscientiously cultivated at a company before it can expect to reap in full measure the business benefits of mature Agile. First, individuals at every level must be committed to the mindset and the implementation of practices rigorously focused on delivering value to the customer. Second, all employees must be empowered to take ownership. This holistic transformation wrenches the status quo and provokes a strong focus where customers and employees matter. Readers will learn how to: Establish an idea pipeline to quickly and productively evolve customer value through all levels of the enterprise Incorporate a discovery mindset--experimental, incremental, design, and divergent thinking--and fast feedback loops to increase the odds that what you build aligns more closely to what customer wants Leverage Lean Canvas, personas, story mapping, value stream mapping, Cost of Delay, servant leadership, self-organization, and more to deliver optimum value to customers Use continuous agile budgeting and idea pipelines at the senior levels of the enterprise to enable you to adapt to the speed of the market Reinvent human resources, portfolio management, finance, and many areas of management toward new roles in the enablement of customer value Map a top-to-bottom and end-to-end holistic view of your Agile galaxy to gauge where you are today and where you'd like to go in your Agile future Be truly Agile throughout your enterprise, focused on customer value and employees above all else