Building wireless sensor networks with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino, and processing

Get ready to create distributed sensor systems and intelligent interactive devices using the ZigBee wireless networking protocol and Series 2 XBee radios. By the time you're halfway through this fast-paced, hands-on guide, you'll have built a series of useful projects, including a complete...

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Main Author: Faludi, Robert
Format: eBook
Published: Farnham O'Reilly Media 2010
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Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 2. Up and RunningRadio Basics; Electromagnetic Spectrum; Inverse Square Law; Introduction to ZigBee; Network Topology; Addressing Basics; PAN Addresses; Channels; All Together Now; XBee Firmware Updates; Reading Current Firmware and Configuration; Configuring XBee; Settings; Connecting from Windows; Connecting from Macintosh; Command Mode and Transparent Mode; AT Commands (Are Your Friend); Using AT Commands; Basic ZigBee Chat; Parts; Addresses; Coordinator; Router; Two Computers; One Computer; Chat; Troubleshooting; Success!; Chapter 3. Build a Better Doorbell; ZigBee and Arduino
  • Chapter 4. Ins and OutsThe Story of Data; Direct, Indirect, Subtext; I/O Concepts; Why XBee Direct?; XBee Direct Limitations; XBee I/O Features; AT Configuration I/O Commands; Advanced I/O Commands; Romantic Lighting Sensor; Basic Romantic Lighting Sensor; Parts; Prepare your coordinator radio; Prepare your router radio; Prepare the Sensor Board; Configure your router XBee; Connect power from battery to breadboard; Router XBee connection to battery; Photoresistor input; Prepare the Base Station; Connect power from Arduino to breadboard; Coordinator XBee connection to Arduino; Light output
  • About ArduinoArduino Basics; Buying an Arduino; Don't forget the cable; Downloading the software; Using the Arduino IDE; Selecting the board and port; Code structure; Buying electronics supplies; Connecting to Arduino; Doorbell Projects; Parts; Prepare Your Radios; Connect Power from Arduino to Breadboard; XBee Breakout Board; XBee Connections; Doorbell Introduction; Switch Input ... ; ... and Buzzer Output; Configure Your XBees; Program the Arduino Doorbell; Troubleshooting; Feedback Doorbell; Feedback Light; Program the Arduino Feedback Doorbell; Extra: Nap Doorbells and More
  • Table of Contents; Preface; How This Book Is Organized; About the Title; About the Examples; Conventions Used in This Book; Using Code Examples; Safari® Books Online; How to Contact Us; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1. Getting Ready; Buying an XBee Radio; Hardware; Antennas; Vendors; Buying an Adapter; Digi Evaluation Board; USB Adapters; Breakout Boards; Arduino Board Adapter Hack; What Are All Those Pins?; Choosing a Terminal Program; Firmware Update Software; X-CTU; Terminal Software for Configuring Settings; CoolTerm; HyperTerminal; Tera Term; ZTerm; screen; Others; Summary
  • Program the romantic lighting sensor base stationTroubleshooting; Romantic Lighting Sensor with Feedback; Add light output to the sensor; Configure your router XBee; Program the romantic lighting sensor with feedback base station; API Ahead; Chapter 5. API and a Sensor Network; What's an API?; Protocols; Humans; Computers; Start bytes; Length byte; Contents ID; XBee API Protocol; Start Delimiter; Length Bytes; Frame Data Bytes; Checksum; API Frame Types; AT Commands; Frame type; Frame ID; AT command; Parameter value; Checksum; AT Responses; Frame type; Frame ID; AT command; Command status