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020 |a 9789401116916 
100 1 |a Boccara, N.  |e [editor] 
245 0 0 |a Cellular Automata and Cooperative Systems  |h Elektronische Ressource  |c edited by N. Boccara, E. Goles, Servet Martínez, Pierre Picco 
250 |a 1st ed. 1993 
260 |a Dordrecht  |b Springer Netherlands  |c 1993, 1993 
300 |a XVII, 546 p  |b online resource 
505 0 |a Complexity of Infinite Sequences and the Ising Transducer -- Renormalization Group Analysis of Directed Models -- Maximal Lyapunov Exponent for 1D Boolean Cellular Automata -- Automata Network Epidemic Models -- Structure Evolution of Neural Networks -- Lower Bounds on the Memory Capacity of the Dilute Hopfield Model -- Schrödinger Operators with Substitution Potentials -- An Interplay Between Local and Global Dynamics in Biological Networks: the Case of Genetic Sequences -- How to Fire almost any Arbitrary Pattern on a Cellular Automaton -- Dynamics of Random Neural Nets -- A Matrix Method of Solving an Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Open Boundaries -- A Formula of full Semiinvariants -- Non-Gibbsian States for Renormalization-Group Transformations and Beyond -- Fluctuations in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process -- Analysis of a Network Model -- Drift and Diffusion in Phase Space. An Application to Celestial Mechanics -- Real Computation with Cellular Automata --  
505 0 |a Lyapunov Functionals Associated to Automata -- Sand-Pile Dynamics in a One-Dimensional Bounded Lattice -- Differential Inequalities for Potts and Random-Cluster Processes -- Cryptography with Dynamical Systems -- On Entropic Repulsion in Low Temperature Ising Models -- The Distribution of Lyapunov Exponents for Large Random Matrices -- Transience and Dislocations in One-Dimensional Cellular Automata -- Properties of Limit Sets of Cellular Automata -- Stochastic Equations on Random Trees -- The Branching Diffusion, Stochastic Equations and Travelling Wave Solutions to the Equation of Kolmogorov — Petrovskii — Piskunov -- Spin Models with Random Interactions: Some Rigorous Results -- Low Temperature Phase Transitions on Quasiperiodic Lattices -- Stability of Interfaces in Stochastic Media -- Hydrodynamic Equation for Mean ZeroAsymmetric Zero Range Processes -- Clustering and Coexistence in Threshold Voter Models -- Analytical Results for the Maximal Lyapunov Exponent --  
505 0 |a Some Remarks on Almost Gibbs States -- Some Coded Systems that are Not Unstable Limit Sets of Cellular Automata -- Constructive Criteria for the Ergodicity of Interacting Particle Systems -- Self-Similar Fractals Can be Generated by Cellular Automata -- Finite Volume Mixing Conditions for Lattice Spin Systems and Exponential Approach to Equilibrium of Glauber Dynamics -- Quasi-Stationary Distributions for Birth-Death Chains. Convergence Radii and Yaglom Limit -- Cooperative Phenomena in Swarms -- Comparison of Semi-Oriented Bootstrap Percolation Models with Modified Bootstrap Percolation -- Chaotic Size Dependence in Spin Glasses -- On the Gibbs States for One-Dimensional Lattice Boson Systems with a Long-Range Interaction -- Hydrodynamic Limits and Ergodicity for Hamiltonian System with Small Noise -- Relaxation Times for Stochastic Ising Models in the Limit of Vanishing External Field at Fixed Low Temperatures 
653 |a Complex Systems 
653 |a Physics and Astronomy 
653 |a Computer science 
653 |a Computer science / Mathematics 
653 |a Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science 
653 |a Mathematical logic 
653 |a System theory 
653 |a Mathematical physics 
653 |a Physics 
653 |a Discrete mathematics 
653 |a Theory of Computation 
653 |a Mathematical Logic and Foundations 
653 |a Astronomy 
653 |a Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics 
700 1 |a Goles, E.  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Martínez, Servet  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Picco, Pierre  |e [editor] 
041 0 7 |a eng  |2 ISO 639-2 
989 |b SBA  |a Springer Book Archives -2004 
490 0 |a Nato Science Series C:, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
028 5 0 |a 10.1007/978-94-011-1691-6 
856 4 0 |u https://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-011-1691-6?nosfx=y  |x Verlag  |3 Volltext 
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