Late Stages of Stellar Evolution : Proceedings of the Workshop Held in Calgary, Canada, from 2–5 June, 1986

Over the last decade we have witnessed a rapid change in our understanding of the late stages of stellar evolution. A major stimulus to this has been the synthesis of observational data from different wavebands of the electromagnetic spectrum. The advent of infrared astronomy has led to the discover...

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Published: Dordrecht Springer Netherlands 1987, 1987
Edition:1st ed. 1987
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Table of Contents:
  • Clues of Carbon Star Evolution
  • Millimeter Interferometer Mapping of HCN Toward CRL2688
  • CO Observations of IRAS Sources with SiC Emission Features
  • High-Sensitivity HI Observations of the Circumstellar Envelopes of ? Orionis and IRC+10216
  • CCD Observations of IRC +10 216
  • Carbon Grains in the Circumstellar Envelope of IRC +10 216
  • Complex Molecules in Carbon-Rich Circumstellar Envelopes (invited review)
  • Time Variation of Millimeter-wave Molecular Lines From CW Leo and o Ceti
  • The Discovery of SO in Red Giant Circumstellar Envelopes
  • Dynamical Structure and Mass Loss Mechanisms
  • A Parameter Study of Terminal AGB Evolution
  • Evolution and Pulsations of R CrB Stellar Models
  • Broadband Multicolour Photometry of CH Cygni
  • The Symbiotic System CH Cygni
  • Radio Evidence for Variable Mass Loss from the Symbiotic Star RX Puppis
  • AGB Stars in the IRAS Point Source Catalog: Their Nature and Their Galactic Distribution
  • Evolution of the Infrared Spectra of AGB Stars
  • The Evolution of Thermal Pulsing AGB Stars Derived from the Observations of OH/IR Stars
  • Stellar Properties of OH/IR Stars
  • Section 5. Young Planetary Nebulae
  • Transition from Red Giants to Planetary Nebulae (invited review)
  • Mass Loss and the Transformation of AGB Stars into Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae (invited review)
  • The Initial-Final Mass Relation: Magellanic Cloud Data and the Thermal Pulsing — AGB Phase
  • VLA Observations of NH3 and HC7N in the Egg Nebula CRL2688
  • The Rate of Mass Return to the Galaxy by Evolved Stars
  • Section 3. Evolutionary and Theoretical Considerations
  • Helium Shell Flashes and Their Consequences (invited review)
  • The Magellanic Clouds as a Testing Ground for Theories of the Late Stages of Stellar Evolution (invited review)
  • AGB Evolution in Shapley Constellation III
  • Connective Overshooting in Horizontal Branch Stars (invited Review)
  • Asymptotic Giant Branch Evolution in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Mixing at the Carbon-Hydrogen Discontinuity During the Dredge-up Phase in Low-Mass AGB Stars
  • Nucleosynthesis in the MS and S Stars
  • Nucleosynthesis by 14N Depletion During Shell He Burning in Massive Stars
  • The Temperature and Luminosity of the Non-Mira M and S AGB Stars
  • Section 4. Mass Loss and Late AGB Evolution
  • Pulsation and Mass Loss for AGB Stars (invited review)
  • Evidence for Pulsationally Driven Mass-Loss from MIRA Variables
  • Infrared Spectroscopy (invited review) (abstract only)
  • Identification of Cool IRAS Sources
  • The Period-Luminosity Relationship for Mira-Like Variables in the LMC
  • Distances, Luminosities, and Shell Structures of OH/IR Stars (invited review)
  • High Resolution Radio Observations of OH/IR Stars (invited review) (abstract only)
  • Identification of OH/IR Stars from Color Selected IRAS Sources
  • OH/IR Stars in the Galactic Centre
  • 1612 Mhz Survey of Selected IRAS Point Sources
  • The Kinematic Nature and Evolution of OH/IR Maser Sources
  • A Search for Water Maser Emission from OH/IR Stars
  • Non-Variable OH/IR Stars/ Very Young Planetary Nebulae?
  • The Evolution of the Complex Structure of NGC 6543
  • Observations of Very Extended Planetary Nebulae Haloes
  • The Structure and Kinematics of NGC 2440
  • The Shaping of Planetary Nebulae
  • Object Index