Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems Proceedings of the MTNS-83 International Symposium Beer Sheva, Israel, June 20–24, 1983

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Other Authors: Fuhrmann, P.A. (Editor)
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Published: Berlin, Heidelberg Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1984, 1984
Edition:1st ed. 1984
Series:Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
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020 |a 9783540388265 
100 1 |a Fuhrmann, P.A.  |e [editor] 
245 0 0 |a Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems  |h Elektronische Ressource  |b Proceedings of the MTNS-83 International Symposium Beer Sheva, Israel, June 20–24, 1983  |c edited by P.A. Fuhrmann 
250 |a 1st ed. 1984 
260 |a Berlin, Heidelberg  |b Springer Berlin Heidelberg  |c 1984, 1984 
300 |a XII, 905 p  |b online resource 
505 0 |a Stochastic control with average constraint -- Analytic theory of random fields estimation and filtering -- A strategy for decentralized control of stably connected systems -- The concept of power dominant systems -- A lattice theoretical characterization of network systems -- A complete phase portrait for the matrix Riccati equation -- An approximation theorem in nonlinear sampling -- Some recent results on pathwise nonlinear filtering -- A Lie-Volterra expansion for nonlinear systems -- On weak pole placement of linear systems depending on parameters -- Analytic controllability of quantum-mechanical systems -- Systems over finite groups as suboptimal Wiener filters: A comparative study -- A unitary method for deadbeat control -- Dissipative stochastic control systems -- Determinatal representations of real cubics and canonical forms of corresponding triples of matrices -- Modelling a time series by a linear time-invariant system --  
505 0 |a Output feedback stabilization of delay linear systems with uncertain parameters 
505 0 |a On the design problem for linear systems -- Linear fractional parameterizations of matrix function spaces and a new proof of the Youla-Jabr-Bongiorno parameterization for stabilizing compensators -- Minimal order representation, estimation and feedback of continuous-time stochastic linear systems -- Wiener-Hopf factorization and realization -- Closedness of an attainable set of a delay system -- A new unit circle stability criterion -- On the structure and parameterization of non-minimal partial realizations -- Uniqueness of circuits and systems containing one nonlinearity -- Robotic manipulators and the product of exponentials formula -- Applications of Pade approximants and continued fractions in systems theory -- Toward a global theory of {f,g}-invariant distributions with singularities -- An algebraic notion of zeros for systems over rings -- On semigroup formulations of unbounded observations and control action for distributed systems --  
505 0 |a Spectral properties of finite Toeplitz matrices -- Stochastic model reduction and reduced-order Kalman-Bucy filtering -- Spectral approximation and estimation with scattering functions -- Orthogonal filters: A numerical approach to filtering theory -- Generalized solutions of semistate equations -- Formal orthogonal polynomials and Pade approximants in a non-commutative algebra -- Unitary interpolation, factorization indices and block Hankel matrices -- A continuation-type method for solving semistate equations -- The distance between a system and the set of uncontrollable systems -- The resolution topology and internal stabilization -- On the inversion of nonlinear multivariable systems -- On some connections between 2D systems theory and the theory of systems over rings -- H? - optimal feedback controllers for linear multivariable systems -- A signcharacteristic for selfadjoint rational matrix functions --  
505 0 |a Partial realization by discrete-time internally bilinear systems: An algorithm -- Approximation and control of symmetric systems on the circle -- A canonical form for the algebraic Riccati equation -- Stochastic balancing and approximation-stability and minimality -- Disturbance rejection for systems over rings -- The linear systems lie algebra, the Segal-Shale-Weil representation and all Kalman-Bucy filters -- Special structure, decentralization and symmetry for linear systems -- A canonical form for static linear output feedback -- Nonlinear control of aircraft -- Nonlinear feedback, structure at infinity and the input-output linearization problem -- Principal component analysis of flexible systems — Open-loop case -- Reduced compensator design via LQG-balancing — A case study -- A local theory of linear systems with noncommensurate time delays -- An approach to the description of some algebraic varieties arising in system theory --  
505 0 |a A fast graph theoretic algorithm for the feedback decoupling problem of nonlinear systems -- On the regulator problem with internal stability -- State space theory — A Banach space approach -- On determinantal representation of algebraic curves -- On certain infinite-dimensional lie algebras and related system-theoretic problems -- Coordination of concurrent probabilistic processes -- A volterra series interpretation of some higher order conditions in optimal control -- Remarks on minimal realizations of 2-D systems -- Some problems in model order reduction using frequency-domain methods -- Distributed systems and their transfer function -- System theory and wave dispersion -- On exact controllability in hilbert spaces -- Forward and backward semimartingale representations for stationary incrementsprocesses -- Nonlinear control theory and symbolic algebriac manipulation -- A summary of recent results on deadbeat control using periodic feedback --  
653 |a Control, Robotics, Automation 
653 |a Engineering mathematics 
653 |a Calculus of Variations and Optimization 
653 |a Control theory 
653 |a Systems Theory, Control 
653 |a System theory 
653 |a Control engineering 
653 |a Robotics 
653 |a Engineering / Data processing 
653 |a Automation 
653 |a Mathematical optimization 
653 |a Mathematical and Computational Engineering Applications 
653 |a Calculus of variations 
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