Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence

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Other Authors: Cormier, Milton J. (Editor), Hercules, David M. (Editor), Lee, John (Editor)
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Published: Boston, MA Springer US 1973, 1973
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Table of Contents:
  • Organic Reaction Mechanisms
  • Chemiluminescence of Diazaquinones and Related Compounds
  • The Chemiluminescence of Acyl Hydrazides
  • Comparison of Potassium Iodide Quenching of 3-Aminophthalate Fluorescence and Luminol Chemiluminescence in Aqueous Solution
  • The Chemiluminescent Autoxidation of Reduced Biisoquinolinium Dications
  • Oxygen in Chemiluminescence. A Competitive Pathway of Dioxetane Decomposition Catalyzed by Electron Donors
  • Chemical Mechanism in Bioluminescence
  • Chemical and Enzymatic Mechanisms of Firefly Luminescence
  • Model Compounds in the Study of Bioluminescence
  • Aspects of the Mechanism of Bioluminescence
  • Mechanism of the Luminescent Oxidation of Cypridina Luciferin
  • Mechanism of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence Elucidated by Use of Oxygen-18
  • Structure and Synthesis of a Luciferin Active in the Bioluminescent Systems of the Sea Pansy (Renilla) and Certain other Bioluminescent Coelenterates
  • Mechanisms of Chemiluminescence and Bioluminescence
  • Theory and Gas Phase Reactions
  • Chemiluminescence in Gases
  • Transvibronic Reactions in Molecular Beams
  • Studies of Vibrationally Excited Molecules by Infrared Chemiluminescence
  • Chemical Lasers Produced from O(3P) Atom Reactions. II. a Mechanistic Study of 5-?m CO Laser Emission from the O + C2H2 Reaction
  • The Nitrogen Afterglow
  • The Air Afterglow Revisited
  • Chemiluminescence Reactions Involving Metal Vapors
  • Oxygen Reactions
  • The Quenching of Singlet Molecular Oxygen
  • Chemiluminescence of Perhydroxyl- and Carbonate-Radicals
  • Radical Ions
  • Chemiluminescent Reactions of Radical-Ions
  • Cation-Anion Annihilation of Naphthalene, Anthracene, and Tetracene
  • Chemiluminescence from Radical Ion Recombination VI. Reactions, Yields, and Energies
  • Chemiluminescence from Radical Ion Recombination VII. Hetero-Excimer Chemiluminescence Yields
  • On The Efficiency of Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence
  • A Bioluminescent Particle Isolated from the Sea Pansy Renilla reniformis
  • Applications of Chemiluminescence
  • A Review of Experimental Measurement Methods Based on Gas-Phase Chemiluminescence
  • Chemiluminescence Analysis for Trace Elements
  • Chemical Light Product Research and Development
  • Applications of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence
  • Abstracts of Short Contributions
  • Epilogue