Woody Plant Biotechnology

This volume is based on a workshop on Woody Plant Biotechnology held at the Institute of Forest Genetics, USDA Forest Service, Placerville, California, USA, 15-19 October, 1989. This workshop was organized by the IUFRO (International Union of Forestry Research Organizations) Working Party S2.04-07 -...

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Other Authors: Ahuja, M.R. (Editor)
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Published: New York, NY Springer US 1991, 1991
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245 0 0 |a Woody Plant Biotechnology  |h Elektronische Ressource  |c edited by M.R. Ahuja 
250 |a 1st ed. 1991 
260 |a New York, NY  |b Springer US  |c 1991, 1991 
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505 0 |a Adventitious Bud Production from Mature Picea abies: Rejuvenation Associated with Female Strobili Formation -- Eucalypt Juvenility -- Somatic Embryogenesis -- Variation in Somatic Polyembryogenesis: Induction of Adventitious Embryonal-Suspensor Masses on Developing Douglas-Fir Embryos -- Necking in Embryonal Tube Cells and its Implications for Morphogenic Protoplasts and Conifer Tree Improvement -- Comparison of Larch Embryogeny In Vivo and In Vitro -- Application of Somatic Embryogenesis to Clonal Propagation of Interior Spruce -- Effect of Explant and Media on Initiation, Maintenance, and Maturation of Somatic Embryos in Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco (Douglas-Fir) -- Maturation of Yellow-Poplar Somatic Embryos -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Tissue Cultures of Euterpe edulis Mart. (Palmae) -- Genetic and Morphogenic Stability of Plantlets Regenerated from Somatic Embryos of Norway Spruce (Picea abies) --  
505 0 |a Influence of Subculturing Period and Different Culture Media on Cold Storage Maintenance of Populus alba x P. grandidentata Plantlets -- The Problem of Biotechnological Constipation -- Poster Presentations -- Plant Regeneration of Hybrid Poplars Using Nodule Culture System -- Positional and Rejuvenation Effects on Micropropagation of Mature Fagus sylvatica L. -- Establishment of Shoot Culture System for Larix decidua -- Protoplast Culture from Fagus, Ulmus and Abies -- Stump Sprouts: A Valuable Source for Clonal Propagation and Germplasm Preservation of Adult Sessile Oak -- Recovery of Juvenile Characteristics through In Vitro Propagation of Mature Fast-Growing Birch Hybrids -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Larix deciduas -- Response of Abies albaEmbryonal-Suspensor Mass to Various Carbohydrate Treatments -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Aesculus hippocastanum and Quercus petraea from Old Trees (10 to 140 years) -- Androgenesis in Quercus petraea, Fagus sylvatica and Aesculus hippocastanum --  
505 0 |a Somatic Embryogenesis and Organogenesis of Embryogenic Explants of Abies alba and Acer pseudoplatanus -- Gene Transfer and Expression -- Genetic Transformation of Trees via Direct Gene Transfer -- Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Apple (Malus pumila Mill.) -- Transfer of Foreign Genes into Yellow-Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) -- Evidence of Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation in Larix decidua -- Regeneration and Transformation Experiments in Apple -- Producing Herbicide Tolerant Populus Using Genetic Transformation Mediated by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens C58: A Summary of Recent Research -- Wound-Responsive Gene Expression in Poplars -- A Transient Assay for Heterologous Promoter Activity in Picea glauca -- Insertion of the Maize Transposable Element AG into Poplar -- Approaches to Studying DNA Elements Associated with Light-Regulated Gene Expression in Conifers -- Germplasm Preservation -- Application of Biotechnology to Preservation of Forest Tree Germplasm --  
505 0 |a Woody Plant Biotechnology: Perspectives and Limitations -- Control of Regeneration and Clonal Fidelity -- In Vitro Propagation of Conifers: Fidelity of the Clonal Offspring -- The Transition between Shoot Regeneration Competence and Callus Determination in Internodal Stem Expiants of Populus deltoides -- Micropropagation of Silver Birch (Betula pendula Roth) and Clonal Fidelity of Mass Propagated Birch Plants -- In Vitro Studies with White Ash (Fraxinus americana) Nodules -- Optimizing Potential for Adventitious Shoot Organogenesis in Hybrid Populus Explants In Vitro with Wound Treatment and Micro-Cross Sections -- Somaclonal Variation in Populus Hybrids Regenerated from Protoplast Culture -- In Vitro Disease Resistance for Expression of Somaclonal Variation in Larix -- Juvenility, Maturation and Rejuvenation -- Gene Expression during Growth and Maturation -- Cellular, Biochemical, and Molecular Analysis of Maturation Related Characteristics in Hedera helix --  
505 0 |a Cryopreservation of Haploid Embryos of Quercus petraea, Fagus sylvatica and Somatic Embryos of Aesculus hippocastanum -- Transformation of Populus — From System Development to Field Plantings -- Transient Expression of B-Glucuronidase and Luciferase in Electroporated Conifer Protoplasts -- CAB Expression in Douglas-Fir Demonstrates Weak Light Regulation -- Paternal Inheritance of Organelle DNA in Conifers -- RFLP Mapping of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Genome -- Participants 
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520 |a This volume is based on a workshop on Woody Plant Biotechnology held at the Institute of Forest Genetics, USDA Forest Service, Placerville, California, USA, 15-19 October, 1989. This workshop was organized by the IUFRO (International Union of Forestry Research Organizations) Working Party S2.04-07 - Somatic Cell Genetics -, and supported by the NATO Scientific Affairs Division, Advanced Research Workshop (ARW 692/89) Programme. This was the second workshop of the IUFRO Working Party on Somatic Cell Genetics. The first meeting of this Working Party was held at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding, Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products, Grosshansdorf, Federal Republic of Germany. The purpose of the present workshop was to bring together scientists from different countries of the world for discussions in the area of woody plant biotechnology. Tissues from woody plants, in particular forest trees, are in general difficult to grow and differentiate in vitro. However, recent advances in tissue culture technology nave­ paved the way for successful culture of organs, tissues, cells, and protoplasts of woody plants. By employing juvenile tissues, plant regeneration has been accomplished in a number of woody plant species. On the other hand, clonal propagation of mature trees, in particular conifers, is still very difficult by tissue culture