Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Proceedings of the 1956 Cryogenic Engineering Conference National Bureau of Standards Boulder, Colorado September 5–7 1956

The National Bureau of Standards Boulder Laboratories was on September 5-7, 1956 again host to a national conference on cryogenic engineering. Supported financially by many of the leading industrial firms currently active in this rapidly expanding field, the conference, second of its kind, attracted...

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Main Author: Timmerhaus, K. D.
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Format: eBook
Published: Boston, MA Springer US 1960, 1960
Series:Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
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Table of Contents:
  • Papers Peesented
  • Cryogenic Processes
  • A-1 Fundamentals of Hydrogen Liquefaction
  • A-2 Hydrogen-Helium Liquefier
  • A-3 Catalysis of the Ortho-Parahydrogen Conversion
  • A-4 A New Arrangement for Ortho-Para Conversion of Liquid Hydrogen in the Large CEL-NBS Liquefier
  • A-5 The Reversible Separation of Multicomponent Mixtures
  • A-6 Distillation of Hydrogen — Deuterium Mixtures
  • A-7 Freeze-out Purification of Gases in Heat Exchangers
  • Cryogenic Equipment
  • B-1 Breathing Oxygen Storage Dewars
  • B-2 A Liquid Oxygen Servicing Dewar Transportable by Tactical Aircraft
  • B-3 Liquid Hydrogen Pumping System
  • B-4 Small Liquid Hydrogen Dewars, Design and Use
  • B-5 Liquid Oxygen Trucks
  • B-6 A Liquid Hydrogen Dewar to Supply Gas to Balloons in Flight
  • Cryogenic Properties
  • C-1 Mechanical Properties of Metals at Low Temperatures
  • C-2 Mechanical Properties of Some Engineering Materials
  • C-3 Total Emissivity of Some Surfaces at 77°K
  • E-4 Cryogenic Characteristics of Wire Resistance Strain Gages
  • E-5 Continuous Analysis of Argon for Traces of Nitrogen
  • E-6 Adsorbents in Liquid Oxygen Containers
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • F-1 Novel Refrigeration System
  • F-2 Gas Chromatography as Applied to the Industrial Separation of Neon from Nitrogen and Helium
  • F-3 Some Aspects of the Design of Airborne Pressure Vessels for Low Temperature Applications
  • F-4 A Circulating Air-Bath Cryostat and Its Use in Dynamic Adsorption
  • F-5 Helium Heat Rectifiers and a Simple Magnetic Refrigerator
  • F-6 E. R. E. T. S. LOX Losses and Preventative Measures
  • Cryogenic Applications (continued)
  • G-1 Gas Refrigerating Machines
  • G-2 Expansion Engines and Turbines for Low Temperature Processing
  • G-3 An Impulse Type Expander Turbine
  • G-4 Low Temperature Heat Exchanger Usage
  • G-5 Heat Exchanger Performance Prediction by Electrical Analogy
  • G-6 Performance of Pumps with Liquefied Gases
  • C-4 Resistance-Temperature “Scaling” of Carbon-Composition Thermometers
  • C-5 Reactor Irradiations at 15°K
  • C-6 On Some Mechanical Properties of Superconductors
  • Cryogenic Properties (continued)
  • D-1 The Los Alamos High Field Magnet
  • D-2 Conductivity of Metallic Cryogenic Materials
  • D-3 An Investigation of the Liquid Oxygen Geysering Phenomena in Missile Supply Lines
  • D-4 The Performance Characteristics of Low Temperature Tension Testing Apparatus and Its Application in Industry
  • D-5 An Experimental Study of the Strength and Fatigue of Glass at Very Low Temperatures
  • D-6 Development Program for a Non Lubricated 10,000 RPM Bearing Operating Over a Temperature Range from 40°R to 560°R
  • Cryogenic Properties (continued)
  • E-1 Characteristics of Some Insulations for Liquid Oxygen Transfer Lines
  • E-2 Heat Transfer Through Foams and Powders
  • E-3 Thermal Conductivities of Copper and Copper Alloys
  • G-7 Long Distance Transfer of Liquefied Gases
  • Bubble Chambers
  • H-1 The Development and Operation of the 10 Inch Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber
  • H-2 A Large Liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber
  • H-3 A Liquid Helium Bubble Chamber
  • H-4 Designing for Safety in Hydrogen Bubble Chambers
  • Special Session
  • I-1 A Small Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Using a Gas Refrigerating Machine
  • Author Index
  • List of Delegates