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020 |a 9781461537809 
100 1 |a Capitelli, Mario 
245 0 0 |a Nonequilibrium Processes in Partially Ionized Gases  |h Elektronische Ressource  |c edited by Mario Capitelli, J. Norman Bardsley 
246 3 1 |a Proceedings of a NATO ASI held in Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy, June 4-17, 1989 
260 |a Boston, MA  |b Springer US  |c 1990, 1990 
300 |a XI, 695 p  |b online resource 
505 0 |a Applications to Excimer Lasers -- Energy Transfer in Atom/Molecule Collisions with Molecules and Surfaces -- Reactivity Calculations for Elementary Atom-Diatom Processes and Applications to Non-Equilibrium Systems -- Excimer Lasers: Status and Perspectives -- Fundamental Properties of RF Glow Discharges: An Approach Based on Self-Consistent Numerical Models -- Theory of High-Frequency Discharges -- Volume Production of Hydrogen Negative Ions -- Laser Diagnostics of a Hydrogen Discharge -- Hydrogen-Surface Interactions -- Plasma Assisted Thin Film Production WC, a-C:H and Diamond Films -- Electric Discharge Lamps -- Contributed Papers -- Inelastic Scattering of Electrons From H2 Molecule and First-Born Approximation: Role Of Correlation --  
505 0 |a A Step Towards Ionization -- Potential Energy Curves of Open Shell Systems (Excimers) from Molecular Beam Scattering -- Molecular Beam Measurements of Ionization Cross Sections Relevant to Thermal Plasmas and Excimer Laser Systems -- The Silent Discharge and Its Application to Ozone and Excimer Formation -- Non Equilibrium Excimer Laser Kinetics --  
505 0 |a Study of A Photoswitched Discharge for Excimer Laser -- A Self-Consistent Monte Carlo Modeling of RF Non-Equilibrium Plasma -- Charged Particles Dynamics in Electropositive Glow Discharges Probed by Optical Diagnostics -- Problems in the Experimental Determination of Electron Energy Distribution Function in RF Discharges -- Spectroscopic Diagnostics in the Cathode Fall and Negative Glow of a Nitrogen Glow Discharge -- Electron Kinetics in RF Discharges -- A Radiofrequency Trap for Tests on Production and Excitation of Ions -- Gas-Phase and Gas-Surface Interactions of Vibrationally Excited Hydrogen Molecules -- Translational Energy Distribution Functions of H+ and H in H2 Volume Discharges -- Numerical Simulation on Tandem Negative Ion Source -- Atomic and Molecular Surface and Volume Processes in the Analysis of Negative Hydrogen Discharges -- Interpretation and Analysis of the H2 Vibrational Distribution in a Hydrogen Discharge --  
505 0 |a Macro-Kinetics -- Thermalization and Transport of Sputtered Particles in Glow Discharges -- The Free Electron Laser: A Simple Quantum Picture -- Electron and Photon Collisions in Strong Laser Fields -- Resonant Photopumping of Lithiumlike Ions in Laser-Produced Plasmas -- Ionization and Deionization of Electron Beam Disturbed Air -- Re-Entry Problems -- Diagnostics of Atomic Species Near the Electrodes of a Fluorescent Lamp -- Excited State Diagnostics in High Pressure Arc Lamps -- Participants 
653 |a Physics 
653 |a Nuclear physics 
653 |a Computer engineering 
653 |a Physics 
653 |a Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics 
653 |a Electrical Engineering 
653 |a Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons 
653 |a Classical Continuum Physics 
700 1 |a Bardsley, J. Norman  |e [editor] 
710 2 |a SpringerLink (Online service) 
041 0 7 |a eng  |2 ISO 639-2 
989 |b SBA  |a Springer Book Archives -2004 
490 0 |a NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics 
856 |u http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4615-3780-9?nosfx=y  |x Verlag  |3 Volltext 
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