Initiation of polymerization : based on a symposium sponsored by the Macromolecular Secretariat at the 183rd ACS National Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28-April 2, 1982

Main Author: Bailey, Frederick E.
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society Macromolecular Secretariat, American Chemical Society Meeting ( 1982, Las Vegas, Nev.)
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, D.C. American Chemical Society 1983, 1983
Series:ACS symposium series
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Collection: ACS Symposium Series - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • New syntheses of functional and sequential polymers by exploiting knowledge of the mechanism of initiation / Joseph P. Kennedy
  • Catalysis by water-soluble imidazole-containing polymers / C.G. Overberger and Richard Tomko
  • Initiation reactions with activated monomer and/or nucleophile in ionic polymerizations / Teiji Tsuruta
  • Muonium as a hydrogen-like probe to study monomer initiation kinetics / J.M. Stadlbauer, B.W. Ng, Y.C. Jean, Y. Ito, and D.C. Walker
  • Electron-transfer behavior of the metal complexes attached to polymer matrices / Eishun Tsuchida and Hiroyuki Nishide
  • Esterolytic reactions of active esters using heterogeneous polymeric catalysts containing imidazole groups / C.G. Overberger and Byong-Do Kwon
  • Catalytic effects of micellar poly(3-alkyl-1-vinylimidazolium) salts on the hydrolysis of phenyl esters / S.C. Israel, Konstantinos I. Papathomas, and J.C. Salamone
  • make the initiator work for you / P. Dreyfuss
  • Initiation considerations and kinetics of formation of poly(2-methyl-1-pentene sulfone) / M.J. Bowden and T. Novembre
  • Rational design of catalysts with interacting supports / G.L. Baker, S.J. Fritschel, and J.K. Stille
  • An overview of the polymerization of cyclosiloxanes / J.E. McGrath, J.S. Riffle, A.K. Banthia, I. Yilgor, and G.L. Wilkes
  • Cationic photoinitiation efficiency / L.R. Gatechair and S.P. Pappas
  • The influence of hydroxyls on the Cr/silica polymerization catalyst / M.P. McDaniel and M.B. Welch
  • Novel additives for enhancing UV and radiation grafting of monomers to polymers and use of these copolymers as ion exchange resins / Chye H. Ang, John L. Garnett, Ronald Levot, and Mervyn A. Long
  • Initiation of polymerizations involving polysaccharides and radio frequency cold plasmas / O. Hinojosa, T.L. Ward, and R.R. Benerito
  • Thermal decomposition of cotton modified by grafting with acrylamide and bis([beta]-chloroethyl) vinylphosphonate / Machiko Shimada and Yoshio Nakamura
  • Photo-induced grafting of monomers on prewetted fiber substrates / Howard L. Needles
  • Mechanochemically initiated copolymerization reactions in cotton cellulose / David N.-S. Hon
  • Factors affecting the isomeric chain unit structure in organolithium polymerization of butadiene and isoprene / Maurice Morton and J.R. Rupert
  • Viscosity and aggregation of alkyllithium initiated polymers / H.L. Hsieh and A.G. Kitchen
  • a quantitative study / Michael Szwarc
  • Initiation of polymerization with high-energy radiation / Vivian Stannett and Joseph Silverman
  • mechanistic studies / P.L. Watson and T. Herskovitz