Selectivity in catalysis : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat at the Fourth Chemical Congress of North America (202nd National Meeting of the American Chemical Society), New York, New York, August 25-30, 1991

Main Author: Davis, Mark E.
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society Catalysis and Surface Science Secretariat, Chemical Congress of North America ( 1991, New York, N.Y.), American Chemical Society Meeting ( 1991, New York, N.Y.)
Other Authors: Suib, Steven L.
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC American Chemical Society 1993, 1993
Series:ACS symposium series
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Collection: ACS Symposium Series - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes
  • an overview / Steven L. Suib
  • Stereoselectivity : the ultimate challenge in catalysis / D. Forster
  • Asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation of 2-arylacrylic acids as a low-cost route to pharmaceutical products / A.S.C. Chan, S.A. Laneman, and R.E. Miller
  • Chiral rhodium(II) carboxamides : remarkably effective catalysts for enantioselective metal carbene transformations / Michael P. Doyle
  • Discrete chiral rhodium phosphine complexes as catalysts for asymmetric hydrosilation of ketones / T.E. Waldman, G. Schaefer, and D.P. Riley
  • Catalytic asymmetric heck reaction / Fumiyuki Ozawa, Akihiko Kubo, and Tamio Hayashi
  • Clusters, alloys, and poisoning : an overview / Kenneth J. Klabunde and Yong-Xi Li
  • Platinum-tin-alumina catalysts : comparison of alkane dehydrocyclization activity and characterization data / Burtron H. Davis
  • reaction modeling studies related to cluster-derived butane hydrogenolysis catalysts / John R. Shapley, Mark G. Humphrey, and Colin H. McAteer
  • Platinum-tin and gold-tin bimetallic particles prepared from solvated metal atoms : structure and catalysis / Yi Wang, Yong-Xi Li, and Kenneth J. Klabunde
  • Mechanism and selectivity in catalytic olefin polymerization / A.R. Siedle, W.M. Lamanna, J.M. Olofson, B.A. Nerad, and R.A. Newmark
  • Effect of a model hydrogenation on a catalytic palladium membrane / Henry C. Foley, A.W. Wang, B. Johnson, and J.N. Armor
  • Vanadium migration between model components of fluid cracking catalysts : SEM-EDX studies / Yan-Fei Shen, Steven L. Suib, and Mario L. Occelli
  • Shape-selective catalysis with zeolites and molecular sieves / Charles B. Khouw and Mark E. Davis
  • synthesis over triflic acid modified Y-zeolite / R. Le Vanmao, H. Ahlafi, and T.S. Le
  • Design of layered phosphate hosts containing multiply bonded bimetallic guest species / Yeung-gyo K. Shin, Eric A. Saari, Mark R. Torgerson, and Daniel G. Nocera
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of anisotropic solid-state chemical reactions / Leslie G. Butler, David G. Cory, Joel B. Miller, Kerry M. Dooley, and Allen N. Garroway
  • Homogeneous adsorption of benzene on NaX and NaY zeolites / Shang-Bin Liu, Jin-Fu Wu, Long-Ja Ma, May-Whei Lin, and Tun-Li Chen
  • Reaction pathway analysis : global molecular and mechanistic perspectives / Michael T. Klein, Matthew Neurock, Linda Broadbelt, and Henry C. Foley
  • Preparation, characterization, and catalysis of a modified ZSM-5 zeolite / Anne M. Gaffney, C.A. Jones, John A. Sofranko, Chihji Tsiao, and Cecil Dybowski
  • Effect of catalyst preparation on the aromatization of n-hexane over Pt clusters supported on hydrotalcite / R.J. Davis and E. Mielczarski
  • Reactions of ethylene over RuY zeolite / Y.S. Kye, S.X. Wu, and Tom M. Apple
  • Activation of C-H, C-C, and C-O bonds of oxygenates on Rh(111) / N.F. Brown and M.A. Barteau
  • Continuous catalytic conversion of acetylene to higher hydrocarbons over a metal modified shape selective zeolite catalyst / Yigong He, Benjamin W.-L. Jang, and Richard B. Timmons
  • Characterization of RuCl₃-impregnated NaY zeolite / Cathy L. Tway, Salvatore J. Bonafede, A. Mohamad Ghazi, Christopher P. Reed, Robert J. DeAngelis, and Tom M. Apple
  • Non-Flory product distributions in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyzed by ruthenium, cobalt, and iron / Rostam J. Madon, Enrique Iglesia, and Sebastian C. Reyes