Inorganic and organometallic polymers II advanced materials and intermediates : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., at the 205th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, March 28-April 2, 1993

Main Author: Wisian-Neilson, Patty
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry, American Chemical Society Meeting ( 1993, Denver, Colo.)
Other Authors: Allcock, H. R., Wynne, Kenneth J.
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC American Chemical Society 1994, 1994
Series:ACS symposium series
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100 1 |a Wisian-Neilson, Patty 
245 0 0 |a Inorganic and organometallic polymers II  |h electronic resource  |b advanced materials and intermediates : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., at the 205th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Denver, Colorado, March 28-April 2, 1993  |c Patty Wisian-Neilson, editor, Harry R. Allcock, editor, Kenneth J. Wynne, editor 
246 3 1 |a Inorganic and organometallic polymers 2 
260 |a Washington, DC  |b American Chemical Society  |c 1994, 1994 
300 |a xiii, 536 p.  |b ill 
505 0 |a Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 0 |a an overview / Patty Wisian-Neilson -- Anionic polymerization of masked disilenes to polysilanes : mechanism and applications / H. Sakurai, K. Sakamoto, Y. Funada, and M. Yoshida -- Electrochemical access to di-, tri-, and polysilanes / M. Bordeau, C. Biran, M.-P. Leger-Lambert, F. Spirau, and D. Deffieux -- Stereostructure of polysilanes by ring-opening polymerization / Eric Fossum, Jerzy Chrusciel, and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski -- Polysilazane thermosets as precursors for silicon carbide and silicon nitride / J.M. Schwark and A. Lukacs, III -- Substituent effects on UV absorption of [sigma]-conjugated polysilanes / Yu-Ling Hsiao, John P. Banovetz, and Robert M. Waymouth -- Poly(dimethysiloxane)-urea-urethane copolymers : synthesis and surface properties / Kenneth J. Wynne, Tai Ho, Robin A. Nissan, Xin Chen, and Joseph A. Gardella, Jr. --  
505 0 |a porous materials by design / Douglas A. Loy, Kenneth J. Shea, Richard J. Buss, and Roger A. Assink -- Sol-gel synthesis of heterometallic oxopolymers / F. Babonneau, S. Dire, L. Bonhomme-Coury, and J. Livage -- Reaction of boehmite with carboxylic acids : new synthetic route to alumoxanes / Christopher C. Landry, Nina Pappe, Mark R. Mason, Allen W. Apblett, and Andrew R. Barron --  
505 0 |a in situ polymerizations of silicon, titanium, zirconium, and aluminum alkoxides / W.T. Ferrar, B.K. Coltrain, C.J.T. Landry, V.K. Long, T.R. Molaire, and D.E. Schildkraut --  
505 0 |a preparation, compatibility, and properties / Y.W. Chen-Yang, H.F. Lee, and T.T. Wu -- Polyphosphazene random and block copolymers with alkoxyalkoxy and trifluoroethoxy side groups / Michael L. White and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski -- Photophysics and photochemistry of poly(methylphenylphosphazene) and poly(methylphenylphosphazene)-graft-polystyrene copolymers / C.E. Hoyle, D. Creed, P. Subramanian, I.B. Rufus, P. Chatterton, M. Bahadur, and P. Wisian-Neilson -- Poly(alkyl/aryloxothiazenes), [N=S(O)R]n : new direction in inorganic polymers / Aroop K. Roy, Gary T. Burns, Stelian Grigoras, and George C. Lie --  
505 0 |a quantitative reactivity studies / C.W. Allen, D.E. Brown, R.F. Hayes, R. Tooze, and G.L. Poyser -- Synthesis of organoboron polymers by hydroboration polymerization / Yoshiki Chujo -- Poly(carborane-siloxane-acetylene) as precursor to high-temperature thermoset and ceramic / Leslie J. Henderson, Jr. and Teddy M. Keller -- Organoaluminum precursor polymers for aluminum nitride ceramics / James A. Jensen -- Ring-opening polymerization of strained, ring-tilted metallocenophanes : new route to polymers based on transition metals / Daniel A. Foucher, Ralf Ziembinski, Rudy Rulkens, James Nelson, and Ian Manners --  
505 0 |a search for [chi]⁽²⁾ nonlinear optical organometallic polymers / Michael E. Wright, Brooks B. Cochran, Edward G. Toplikar, Hilary S. Lackritz, and John T. Kerney -- Transition metallophthalocyanines as structures for materials design / Michael Hanack -- New class of photochemically reactive polymers containing metal-metal bonds along the polymer backbone : synthesis, characterization, and reactivity / David R. Tyler, Jeffrey J. Wolcott, Gregory F. Nieckarz, and Steve C. Tenhaeff -- Structural and spectroscopic studies of [beta]-hematin (the heme coordination polymer in malaria pigment) / D. Scott Bohle, Brenda J. Conklin, David Cox, Sara K. Madsen, Scott Paulson, Peter W. Stephens, and Gordon T. Yee 
653 |a Inorganic polymers / Congresses 
653 |a Organometallic polymers / Congresses 
700 1 |a Allcock, H. R. 
700 1 |a Wynne, Kenneth J. 
710 2 |a American Chemical Society  |b Division of Polymer Chemistry 
710 2 |a American Chemical Society  |b Meeting ( 1993, Denver, Colo.) 
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989 |b ACS  |a ACS Symposium Series 
490 0 |a ACS symposium series 
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