Flow-induced structure in polymers developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, Inc., at the 208th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., August 21-25, 1994

Main Author: Nakatani, Alan I.
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering, American Chemical Society Meeting ( 1994, Washington, D.C.)
Other Authors: Dadmun, Mark D.
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC American Chemical Society 1995, 1995
Series:ACS symposium series
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Collection: ACS Symposium Series - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • butterfly effect / Francois Boue and Peter Lindner
  • Structural evolution and viscous dissipation during spinodal demixing of a biopolymeric solution / A. Emanuele and and M.B. Palma-Vittorelli
  • Flow-induced structuring and conformational rearrangements in flexible and semiflexible polymer solutions / A.J. McHugh, A. Immaneni, and B.J. Edwards
  • Changes of macromolecular chain conformations induced by shear flow / M. Zisenis, B. Protzl, and J. Springer
  • Effect of flow on polymer-polymer miscibility / M.L. Fernandez and J.S. Higgins
  • Effect of shear deformation on spinodal decomposition / Tatsuo Izumitani and Takeji Hashimoto
  • Domain structures and viscoelastic properties of immiscible polymer blends under shear flow / Yoshiaki Takahashi and Ichiro Noda
  • Effects of flow on the structure and phase behavior of polymer blends / Z.J. Chen, N.G. Remediakis, M.T. Shaw, and R.A. Weiss
  • Influence of interface modification on coalescence in polymer blends / K. Sndergaard and J. Lyngaae-Jrgensen
  • Orientation behavior of thermoplastic elastomers studied by ²H-NMR spectroscopy / Alexander Dardin, Christine Boeffel, Hans-Wolfgang Spiess, Reimund Stadler, and Edward T. Samulski
  • Monte Carlo simulations of end-grafted polymer chains under shear flow / Pik-Yin Lai
  • Effect of shear on self-assembling block copolymers and phase-separating polymer blends / M. Muthukumar
  • Shear-induced changes in the order-disorder transition temperature and the morphology of a triblock copolymer / C.L. Jackson, F.A. Morrison, A.I. Nakatani, J.W. Mays, M. Muthukumar, K.A. Barnes, and C.C. Han
  • Phase-separation kinetics of a polymer blend solution studied by a two-step shear quench / A.I. Nakatani, D.S. Johnsonbaugh, and C.C. Han
  • Shear-induced structure and dynamics of tube-shaped micelles / L.E. Dewalt, K.L. Farkas, C.L. Abel, M.W. Kim, D.G. Peiffer, and H.D. Ou-Yang
  • The texture in shear flow of nematic solutions of a rodlike polymer / Beibei Diao, Sudha Vijaykumar, and Guy C. Berry
  • Light scattering from lyotropic textured liquid-crystalline polymers under shear flow / S.A. Patlazhan, J.B. Riti, and P. Navard
  • Comparison of molecular orientation and rheology in model lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymers / Wesley Burghardt, Bruce Bedford, Kwan Hongladarom, and Melissa Mahoney
  • Shear-induced orientation of liquid-crystalline hydroxypropylcellulose in D₂O as measured by neutron scattering / Mark D. Dadmun
  • Shear-induced alignment of liquid-cystalline suspensions of cellulose microfibrils / W.J. Orts, L. Godbout, R.H. Marchessault, and J.F. Revol