Chemical markers for processed and stored foods : developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the 210th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illinois, August 20-24, 1995

Main Author: Lee, Tung-Ching
Corporate Authors: American Chemical Society Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, American Chemical Society Meeting ( 1995, Chicago, Ill.)
Other Authors: Kim, Hie-Joon
Format: eBook
Published: Washington, DC American Chemical Society 1996, c1996
Series:ACS symposium series
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100 1 |a Lee, Tung-Ching 
245 0 0 |a Chemical markers for processed and stored foods  |h electronic resource  |b developed from a symposium sponsored by the Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the 210th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illinois, August 20-24, 1995  |c Tung-Ching Lee, editor, Hie-Joon Kim, editor 
260 |a Washington, DC  |b American Chemical Society  |c 1996, c1996 
300 |a xi, 290 p.  |b ill 
505 0 |a Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 0 |a the effect of time on the profile of reaction products / Jennifer M. Ames, Richard G. Bailey, Simona M. Monti, and Cheryl A. Bunn -- Advanced Maillard products of disaccharides : analysis and relation to reaction conditions / Monika Pischetsrieder and Theodor Severin -- The use of aminoguanidine to trap and measure dicarbonyl intermediates produced during the Maillard reaction / M.S. Feather, V. Mossine, and J. Hirsch -- Early detection of changes during heat processing and storage of tomato products / K. Eichner, I. Schrader, and M. Lange -- Chemical markers for the protein quality of heated and stored foods / H.F. Erbersdobler, J. Hartkopf, H. Kayser, and A. Ruttkat -- Principles and applications of chemical markers of sterility in high-temperature- short-time processing of particulate foods / Hie-Joon Kim, Irwin A. Taub, Yang-Mun Choi, and Anuradha Prakash --  
505 0 |a The effect of processing on the chiral aroma compounds in cherries (Prunus avium L.) / Kieran Pierce, Donald S. Mottram, and Brian D. Baigrie -- Glucosone as a radical-generating intermediate in the advanced Maillard reaction / S. Kawakishi, S. Nasu, R.Z. Cheng, and T. Osawa -- Chemical degradative indicators to monitor the quality of processed and stored citrus products / H.S. Lee and S. Nagy -- Shelf-life prediction of aseptically packaged orange juice / L.M. Ahrne, M.C. Manso, E. Shah, F.A.R. Oliveira, and R.E. Oste -- Characteristic stale flavor formed while storing beer / Fumitaka Hayase, Koichi Harayama, and Hiromichi Kato -- Use of volatile aldehydes for the measurement of oxidation in foods / Jon W. Wong and Takayuki Shibamoto -- Autoxidation of L-ascorbic acid and its significance in food processing / T. Kurata, N. Miyake, E. Suzuki, and Y. Otsuka --  
505 0 |a formation of N[epsilon]-carboxymethyllysine and N-carboxymethylamino acids as markers of the early Maillard reaction / Raphael Badoud, Laurent B. Fay, Fabienne Hunston, and Gudrun Pratz -- Haptenic sugar antigens as immunochemical markers for the Maillard reaction of processed and stored milk products / T. Matsuda and Y. Kato --  
505 0 |a a biochemical marker of lysine and arginine modification / Y. Kato and T. Matsuda -- Browning of amino acids and proteins in vitro : insights derived from an electrophoretic approach / G. Candiano, G. Pagnan, G.M. Ghiggeri, and R. Gusmano -- Instrumental means of monitoring the flavor quality of foods / G.A. Reineccius -- Correlation between color machine vision and colorimeter for food applications / P.P. Ling, V.N. Ruzhitsky, A.N. Kapanidis, and Tung-Ching Lee 
653 |a Food industry and trade / Quality control / Congresses 
653 |a Food / Analysis / Congresses 
700 1 |a Kim, Hie-Joon 
710 2 |a American Chemical Society  |b Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 
710 2 |a American Chemical Society  |b Meeting ( 1995, Chicago, Ill.) 
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989 |b ACS  |a ACS Symposium Series 
490 0 |a ACS symposium series 
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