Anatoly Zhigljavsky

Anatoly Aleksandrovich Zhigljavsky (born 19 November 1953) is a professor of statistics in the school of mathematics at Cardiff University. He has authored over 100 publications. His research interests include time series analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, statistical modeling in market research, stochastic global optimisation, probabilistic methods in search, and dynamical system approach for studying convergence of search algorithms and number theory.

He is the Director of the Centre for Optimisation and its Applications, an interdisciplinary centre which encourages joint research and applied projects among members of the Schools of Mathematics, Computer Science and Business and Manufacturing Engineering Centre at Cardiff University. It also encourages increased awareness of the rapidly growing field of optimisation through publications, conferences, joint research and student exchange.

His books include ''Stochastic Global Optimization'', published in 2008 by Springer, which received positive comments from reviewers, ''Theory of Global Random Search'', and Analysis of time series structure: SSA and related techniques.

Dr. Zhigljavsky received an MSc in 1976, a PhD in 1981, and a Habilitation in 1987 from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Provided by Wikipedia

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