Angela Woollacott

Angela Woollacott (born in Adelaide on 16 July 1955) is a historian who has contributed to the history of the British Empire and Australian history. She has written many books and journal articles, as well as a series of Australian history textbooks, served on the editorial boards for ''Journal of Women's History, Journal of British Studies,'' and ''Lilith: A Feminist History Journal'', and served on the international advisory board for ''Settler Colonial Studies''. She is the immediate past president of the Australian Historical Association.

A review said of one of Woollacott's books, "Woollacott has written a stimulating and thought-provoking study of the nature and dynamics of settler colonialism in the southern colonies. It sets an agenda for new research and will prompt historians to re-examine many of their assumptions about colonial society in Australia." Provided by Wikipedia

by Woollacott, Angela
Published 2008
ANU Press

Published 2010
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