George Williamson

George Williamson may refer to:

*George Williamson (footballer) (1925–1994), English footballer *George Williamson (Australian footballer) (1866–1929), Australian rules footballer *George Hunt Williamson (1926–1986), UFO contactee *George Henry Williamson (1845–1918), British Member of Parliament for Worcester, 1906 *George H. Williamson (1872–1936), American architect *George M. Williamson (architect) (1892–1979), American architect *George Williamson (diplomat) (1829–1882), US ambassador *George A. Williamson (born 1938), American politician in the state of Florida *George Williamson (academic) (1898–1968), professor of English *G. C. Williamson (George Charles Williamson, 1858–1942), British art historian, antiquarian, and author Provided by Wikipedia