James A. Wetmore

Wetmore (left) with [[Charles S. Dewey]], [[Assistant Secretary of the Treasury]], in 1926 James Alfonso Wetmore (November 1863 – March 14, 1940) was an American lawyer and administrator, best known as the Acting Supervising Architect of the U.S. Office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department from 1915 through 1933.

Wetmore is frequently and incorrectly described as the "architect" of the many federal buildings that bear his name. He was a long-time civil servant in the Treasury Department, and was not a professional architect. As Supervising Architect, he managed a staff of nearly 1700 architects and draftsmen who designed at least 2000 federal government buildings, including courthouses and post offices. Provided by Wikipedia

by Wetmore, James
Published 1747
Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in Queen-Street

by Wetmore, James
Published 1744
Printed and sold by J. Parker for the author
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by Beach, John
Published 1749
Printed and sold by J. Draper in Newbury-Street
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