David Webber

David R.R. Webber (born 1955) is an Information technologist specializing in applications of XML, ebXML and EDI to standards-based information exchanges. He is a senior member of the ACM since 2007. David Webber is one of the originators of the ebXML initiative for global electronic business via the internet. He is holder of two U.S. Patents (5909570, 6418400) for electronic information exchange transformation and those patents are now cited widely by 37 other patents. David Webber has implemented several unique groundbreaking computer solutions in his career including the world's first airport gate scheduling system (King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, 1987), the SeeMail email client for MCIMail written in Prolog, the patented GoXML system for XMLGlobal, the ShroudIt obfuscation system for LNK Corp, and the VisualScript tool for Smartdraw Inc.

More recently David has contributed to open XML standards development with OASIS as technical editor for BCM (Business Centric-Methodology), CAM (Content Assembly Mechanism) and EML (Election Markup Language) public standard specifications. Also the CAM work has included developing solutions for information exchange using the NIEM.gov approach NIEM. Contributions to the NIEM initiative include serving on the NIEM Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC) and with the IJIS Institute along with white papers and presentations. Provided by Wikipedia

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