Nathaniel Tkacz

Nathaniel Tkacz at the Wikipedia Conference, 2010 Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Tkacz has been an assistant professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick since 2012.

Tkacz has bachelor's degrees in arts and commerce from Monash University and a PhD in culture and communication from The University of Melbourne.

Tkacz has described his work as investigating "the political, economic and organisational dimensions of technology, with a specific focus on networked and digital forms". He has made a unique study of the concept of openness on the internet and Wikipedia in particular, speaking, publishing papers and producing two books on the subject. His most recent book, ''Wikipedia and the Politics of Openness'', received a positive review in ''Times Higher Education''. Provided by Wikipedia

by Tkacz, Nathaniel
Published 2015
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