James Stirling

James Stirling may refer to:

*James Stirling (mathematician) (1692–1770), Scottish mathematician *Sir James Stirling, 1st Baronet (c.1740?–1805), Scottish banker and lord provost of Edinburgh *Sir James Stirling (Royal Navy officer) (1791–1865), Governor of Western Australia *James Stirling (1800–1876), Scottish engineer *James Hutchison Stirling (1820–1909), Scottish philosopher *James Stirling (1835–1917), Scottish locomotive engineer *Sir James Stirling (judge) (1836–1916), British jurist *Sir James Stirling (architect) (1926–1992), architect *James Stirling (physicist) (1953–2018), Provost of Imperial College London *James Stirling (of Garden), Prior of the Order of St John in Scotland *James Stirling (footballer), Scottish association football player *Jimmy Stirling (1925–2006), Scottish footballer Provided by Wikipedia

by Stirling, James
Published 1730
typis Gul. Bowyer. Impensis G. Strahan ad Insigne Globi aurati e regione Excambii Regalis

by Stirling, James
Published 1764
prostat apud J. Whiston & B. White, in Fleet-Street

by Stirling, James
Published 1717
e Theatro Sheldoniano, impensis Edvardi Whistler Bibliopolae Oxoniensis

by Stirling, James
Published 1753
Impensis Ric. Manby ad insignia pricipis in vico vulgo dicto Ludgate-Hill

by Stirling, James Hutchison
Published 1872
R.P. Studley Co

by Stewart, James
Published 1721
printed by Thomas Crawford
Other Authors: '; ...Stirling, James...

by Stewart, James
Published 1761
printed by D. Paterson
Other Authors: '; ...Stirling, James...

by Godefroi, Henry
Published 1907
Stevens and Sons
Other Authors: '; ...Stirling, James Irvine...