Urs Stammbach

Urs Stammbach (born 26 October 1939) is a Swiss mathematician, specializing in homological algebra.

Stammbach studied at ETH Zurich, where he obtained his Diplom in 1964 and received his doctorate in 1966 under the supervision of Beno Eckmann (and Heinz Hopf) with dissertation ''Anwendungen der Homologietheorie der Gruppen auf Zentralreihen und auf Invarianten von Präsentierungen'' (Applications of homology theory of groups to central series and to invariants of presentations). As a postdoc Stasmbach was from 1966 to 1967 at ETH Zurich and from 1967 to 1969 at Cornell University. At ETH Zurich, he was from 1969 to 1972 an assistant professor, from 1972 to 1979 an associate professor, and from 1979 to 2005 a full professor, retiring as professor emeritus in 2005.

Stammbach's research deals with homological algebra, specifically with its applications to group theory ( homology and cohomology of groups). He also does research on the history of mathematics, especially pertaining to Switzerland.

In 1990–1991 he was president of the Swiss Mathematical Society. Provided by Wikipedia

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