Roberto Simanowski

Roberto Simanowski (born 1963) is a German scholar of literature and media studies and founder of [ dichtung-digital]. Simanowski studied German literature and history at the University of Jena where he finished his PhD on mass-culture around 1800 with a grant by the German Studienstiftung in 1996. He worked 1997 and 1998 in the research center Nationality of International Literatures at the University of Göttingen, conducted his research project Cyberspace and Literature with a stipend from the German Humboldt-Foundation at Harvard University 1998 until 2000, was visiting scholar at the University of Washington in Seattle 2001 until 2002, and served as guest professor at the department of media studies at the University of Jena in 2002/2003. Simanowski was a professor of German literature and culture as well as digital aesthetics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (2003-2010), and professor of media studies at the University of Basel in Switzerland (2010-2013) and at City University of Hong Kong (2014-2017). In 1999 he founded the online-journal ''[]'', a Journal of art and culture in digital media, that he edited until 2014 when it contained about 450 contributions by over 100 scholars and artists from 20 countries. Simanowski currently works as an author and consultant in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro. Provided by Wikipedia

by Simanowski, Roberto
Published 2012
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by Simanowski, Roberto
Published 1998
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