Rogatchover Gaon

Joseph Rosen (Yiddish: יוסף ראָזין, ''Yosef Rosin''; 1858–5 March 1936) known as the Rogatchover Gaon (Exalted One of Rogachev) and Tzofnath Paneach (Decipherer of Secrets—the title of his main work), was a rabbi and one of the most prominent talmudic scholars of the early 20th-century. Rosen was known as a ''gaon'' (exalted one) because of his photographic memory and ability to connect sources from the Talmud to seemingly unrelated situations. Rosen has been described as the foremost Talmudic genius of his time. Provided by Wikipedia

by Rosen, Joseph
Published 2008
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by Rosen, Joseph
Published 1995
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