Edmund Quincy

Edmund Quincy may refer to:

*Edmund Quincy (1602–1636), settled Mount Wollaston area of Quincy, Massachusetts around 1628 *Edmund Quincy (1628–1698), colonist, Massachusetts representative, son of Edmund (1602–1636) *Edmund Quincy (1681–1737), colonist, Massachusetts Supreme Court judge, son of Edmund (1627–1698) *Edmund Quincy (1703–1788), son of Edmund (1681–1737) *Edmund Quincy (1726-1782), businessman and land developer, son of Edmund (1703–1788) *Edmund Quincy (1808–1877), diarist, lecturer, author, abolitionist, son of Josiah Quincy III Provided by Wikipedia

by Quincy, Edmund
Published 1875
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by Quincy, Edmund
Published 1765
Printed by Green & Russell, by order of the Honorable House of Representatives

by Quincy, Josiah
Published 1874
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Other Authors: '; ...Quincy, Edmund...

by Americanus
Published 1739
[Printed [by Ann Franklin]
Other Authors: '; ...Quincy, Edmund...