''The Doctor'' by [[Luke Fildes]] (detail)<ref>In 1949, Fildes' painting ''The Doctor'' was used by the [[American Medical Association]] in a campaign against a proposal for nationalized medical care put forth by President [[Harry S. Truman]]. The image was used in posters and brochures along with the slogan, "Keep Politics Out of this Picture" implying that involvement of the government in medical care would negatively affect the quality of care. 65,000 Posters<!--The first letter of the first word of a sentence or title is capitalized.--> of ''The Doctor'' were displayed, which helped to raise public skepticism for the nationalized healthcare campaign.</ref> A physician (American English), medical practitioner (Commonwealth English), medical doctor, or simply doctor, is a professional who practises medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health through the study, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. Physicians may focus their practice on certain disease categories, types of patients, and methods of treatment—known as specialities—or they may assume responsibility for the provision of continuing and comprehensive medical care to individuals, families, and communities—known as general practice. Medical practice properly requires both a detailed knowledge of the academic disciplines, such as anatomy and physiology, underlying diseases and their treatment—the ''science'' of medicine—and also a decent competence in its applied practice—the art or ''craft'' of medicine.

Both the role of the physician and the meaning of the word itself vary around the world. Degrees and other qualifications vary widely, but there are some common elements, such as medical ethics requiring that physicians show consideration, compassion, and benevolence for their patients. Provided by Wikipedia

by Physician
Published 1741
printed for T. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-Noster-Row

by Physician
Published 1801
Printed for J. Callow

by Physician
Published 1770
printed for Robinson and Roberts, at No 25, Pater-Noster Row

by Physician
Published 1775
printed by Caleb Jenkin, [No. 58.] Dame-Street

by Physician
Published 1739
printed: and sold, by the author's appointment, at the gentlewoman's at the Two Blue Posts in Haydon-Yard in the Minories

by Physician
Published 1751
printed for R. Goadby, and sold by W. Owen

by Physician
Published 1725
printed for John Clarke, at the Bible under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill

by Physician
Published 1778
Printed for the author; and sold by J. Johnson, No. 72, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, and the other booksellers

The ladies physical directory, or, a treatise of all the weaknesses, indispositions and diseases peculiar to the female sex from eleven years of age, to fifty or upwards. by which Woman and Maids of the meanest Capacity may perfectly understand the Symptoms, Nature, and true Cause of their own Illnesses, and readily know how to manage themselves under all their Infirmities. With Proper Remedies in English prescribed, for the Greensickness, Obstructions, Immoderate Fluxes, Hysterick Affections, the Piles and every other Disorder or Distemper the Fair Sex are particularly liable to, whereby they may certainly and quickly Cure themselves without Trouble, the Advice or Knowledge of any other Person. To which is Annex'd, A Practical Discourse on Barrenness, Directing How it may be certainly Cured, and those Women be render'd Fruitful, who have been deem'd incurably Barren for many Years; with a clear and very particular Account of Generation and Conception. Also Of Impotency and Infertility in Men; With Directions for their perfect Cure. Likewise Of Miscarriage in Women, and how it may be assuredly prevented even in those who have miscarried Nine or Ten times before. The whole Illustrated, With various Cases of Persons cured, proper Hints, useful Cautions, Observations and Instructions, the like for General Benefit to the Female Sex never before Published. By a physician
by Physician
Published 1727
printed and sold by the author's appointment, at the gentlewoman's at the Two Blue Posts in Haydon-Yard in the Minories, London

by Physician
Published 1742
printed: and sold, by the author's appointment, only at the gentlewoman's at the Two Blue Posts in Haydon-Yard in the Minories