John Magee

John Magee may refer to:

*John Magee (bishop) (born 1936), Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Cloyne, the former private secretary of Popes Paul VI, John Paul I and John Paul II *John Magee (congressman) (1794–1868), US Representative from New York State *John Magee (missionary) (1884–1953), American Episcopal pastor who filmed Nanking massacre victims *John Gillespie Magee, Jr. (1922–1941), American aviator and poet *John Alexander Magee (1827–1903), US Representative from Pennsylvania *John Magee (American football) (1923–1991), American football player for the Philadelphia Eagles *Johnny Magee (born 1978), Irish Gaelic footballer *Jack Magee (1883–1968), American track and field coach *John L. Magee (c. 1820s–1870s?), American artist and lithographer *John W. Magee (1859–?), American Medal of Honor recipient *Johm Maxwell Magee (born 1983) Fractal artist aka Sidicus Maximus Provided by Wikipedia

by Magee, John
Published 1788
Printed for W. Gilbert, No. 26, Great George's-street, and P. Byrn, No. 108, Grafton-street

by Magee, John
Published 1790
printed and sold by P. Byrne, 108, Grafton-Street

by Richmond and Lennox, Charles Lennox
Published 1813
Sold by Sherwood, Neely and Jones
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