Friedrich Maximilian Klinger

Klinger, 1807 etching Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger (17 February 1752 – 25 February 1831) was a German dramatist and novelist. His play ''Sturm und Drang'' (1776) gave its name to the Sturm und Drang artistic epoch. He was a childhood friend of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and is often closely associated with Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz. Klinger worked as a playwright for the ''Seylersche Schauspiel-Gesellschaft'' for two years, but eventually left the Kingdom of Prussia to become a General in the Imperial Russian Army. Provided by Wikipedia

by Klinger, Friedrich Maximilian
Published 1795
published by T. Boosey, No. 4, Broad-Street, Near the Bank; and H. Escher, No. 24, Broad-Street, Bloomsbury