William Kitchiner

Portrait of Kitchiner William Kitchiner M.D. (1775–1827) was an English optician, inventor of telescopes, amateur musician and exceptional cook. A celebrity chef, he was a household name during the 19th century, and his 1817 cookbook, ''The Cook's Oracle'', was a bestseller in the United Kingdom and the United States. The origin of the crisp (also known as potato chip) is attributed to Kitchiner, with ''The Cook's Oracle'' including the earliest known recipe.

Unlike most food writers of the time he cooked the food himself, washed up afterwards, and performed all the household tasks he wrote about. He travelled around with his ''portable cabinet of taste'', a folding cabinet containing his mustards and sauces. He was also the creator of Wow-Wow sauce. Provided by Wikipedia

by Kitchiner, William
Published 1822
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by Jervis, John
Published 1827
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