Ashley Kahn

Ashley Kahn is an American music historian, journalist, and producer. He was born in the Bronx, New York, and was raised in Cincinnati. Kahn graduated from Columbia University in 1983. While attending Columbia, he hosted a jazz and blues radio show on WKCR, and was known on the air as "The Cincinnati Kid."

In 2014, Kahn co-authored the autobiography of Carlos Santana, titled ''The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story To Light''. To date, his most critically acclaimed books have been on two major jazz albums, ''Kind of Blue'' by Miles Davis and ''A Love Supreme'' by John Coltrane. He pens articles, interviews and other features on music, and is a prolific liner note writer for a variety of music labels, and for which he has earned three ASCAP/Deems Taylor awards, and three Grammy nominations. In 2015, he was awarded a Grammy for his album notes to the John Coltrane release ''Offering: Live at Temple University''. Provided by Wikipedia

by Kahn, Ashley
Published 2000
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