Povel Juel

Povel Juel on the [[Scaffold (execution site)|scaffold]] Povel Juel (c.1673 – 8 March 1723) was a Norwegian civil servant and writer.

Povel Juel was born and grew up in Trondheim, Norway where his father was a merchant. In 1709, he was appointed acting commissioner in Bergen. He was appointed County Manager of Lister og Mandal amt (now Vest-Agder) from 1711. Juel was suspended as district governor in 1713, but regained his position in 1715. He was deposed in 1718 due to unruly behavior. He was later executed for high treason in 1723. He was charged with a role in a conspiracy involving Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, pretender to the throne of Sweden, husband of Grand Duchess Anna Petrovna of Russia and father of Peter III of Russia.

During his lifetime, Povel Juel was an author. Among his books were ''Et lycksaligt Liv'' from 1721, and ''En god Bonde, hans Avl og Biæring'' from 1722. Provided by Wikipedia